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Basic Info

Full Name

Feng Mei (風魅)


Mei (魅), Meimei

Real Name

Adelheid Lois



Birthday (Horoscope)

September 28 (Libra)








Potioneer (past)

Voice Reference



adopted Apr 11, 2016 - thank you so much yuki for the lovely chara auction as always! foams blueberry child with whipped cream and pastries...
** Meimei is never up for trade nor resell, please don't ask!


 ║ + Independent ║ + Stoic ║ + Quick-witted ║ o Loner  ║ o Ambient ║ o Naive ║ - Selective ║ - Stubborn ║ - Meddlesome ║
At the first sight, Meimei is seen to conduct her tasks efficiently without any hesitation - she dislikes stacking up work which will cause her to be less productive. She is also capable of doing her everyday activities well and swift while keeping her cool, mostly for her satisfaction and/or to shut others' mouths. Meimei does not afraid of problems - she likes solving them if they're on her way (albeit prefers avoiding them if she's not occupied with anything else important), occasionally when she has too much free time she would find things that will make either her brain or her limbs to exercise.

If Meimei could choose she would most probably keep herself alone, mainly to work on her magical creations that she enjoyed the best. Though she would react depending on her current surroundings - if she isn't busy she won't turn down any requests that favour her own perspective, otherwise Meimei would be busy intriguing herself in her secret chamber of magic. Part of herself is rather naive to relationships - particularly her lost family - she still hopes to reunite with them and resume her family glory.
Due to her high intelligence, Meimei is rather prideful on most of her decisions that she has done and dislikes smarter people disagreeing with her, and she wouldn't mind arguing to prove herself right off if needed. She has a delicate taste in almost anything (which also cost bucks many), though still loved by her loved ones. In addition to her mischevious side, Meimei also occasionally does meddlesome requests to others if she gets the chance to.
tl;dr: Clever child who specialises in magic and potions, very picky with things and likes to use her intelligence for her own magical benefits sometimes.
Kinda scares people on the outside but still has a soft heart.
Meimei's Past
                     Meimei - originally Adelheid, who was used to be in the Lois family that has a bloodline of dealing magical business ever since ancient times. Her family tend to do expeditions for researching, selling exotic spells and potion-making as their bread and butter. Both Meimei and her elder brother Elmer are the next magical generations, they both inherit different attributes of magic and skills to create potions. 
                     A magical incident (note: to expand later) separated both Adelheid and Elmer (with their other family members) which caused Adelheid to remain on the land that the Lois family recently had done magical business before. Adelheid managed to travel short distances progressively only to stop (more like faint) when she reached an Eastern land called Su-Ya. Patricia, a local merchant trader picked the small smoketail there, took care of Adelheid before she regained energy to return home, only to find that the Lois' had disappeared into thin air. 
                     With her search for her blood family has become looking for a needle in a haystack, Adelheid disappeared for a couple of years to advance her quest, but to no avail and returned to Patricia. 


Elmer Loisbrother, 24yrs (unknown)Blood brother who was separated during both of their sea voyages. Has a decent memory in remembering things.
Meimei trusts Elmer a lot before finding out that he left with his family during the separation incident, but she could not be sure of whether her brother did that to her on purpose or being forced to.

She still holds a handful of mixed feelings for his brother but attempted to look out for him whenever she could. 
Patricia Fengmotherly existence, 35yrs (alive)Merchant trader who offered her a permanent home in trade of some of her potion skills.
Sometimes a sly person but still treats her genuinely nice.



+ Blueberries  + Pastries  + Sweet stuff in general  + Tricking around people  + Magic studies  + Quiet atmosphere
o Books  o Lavenders & bluebells  o Gardening  o Potion-making  o Doing commercial business  o Money (thanks Pat)
x Noise  x Bossy people  x Pomegranates  x Fireworks
- Name translations:
  • 風魅 (Feng Mei) - 風 ("wind", her surname) ; 魅(魅: "attractive/enchanting") Full name meaning: Wind Enchantress
- Meimei's magical affinity relates to air - her powers are the strongest under surroundings that are filled with strong winds.