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Status main / active / nfs / accepting art / made in 2019
Name Sonaire
Age 200+ years, appears early 40s
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Species Elf/Mer
Ethnicity High Elf/Altmer
D.O.B August 24th (Virgo)
Relationship Status Single
Orientation Heterosexual
Occupation N/A
Accent Altmer accent
Looks Like TBA
Voiceclaim TBA
Theme Song TBA

Your name is SONAIRE and you are a VAMPIRE currently being HUNTED by the DAWNGUARD. Not that you care, particularly. You're a lot SMARTER than they are. You've even taken up RESIDENCE in the OLD DAWNGUARD FORT which you have since converted into a VAMPIRIC LAIR for yourself - you know they will never bother looking for you there. HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT, it truly is brilliant. Especially since there is only one entrance since a portion of the building collapsed, and it's secret...

You're generally quite NEUTRAL in PERSONALITY, not really having any clear EMPATHY or APATHY towards others. That trait also makes you somewhat UNPREDICTABLE, as it's very DIFFICULT to gauge your feelings and how you might act at any given time. You wouldn't call yourself MYSTERIOUS, just you don't particularly see yourself as such.

You're in the process of building your own VAMPIRIC ARMY ever since VOLKIHAR was ransacked. You were the only survivor, and you seek your REVENGE. So far, you've only turned a Dark Brotherhood member - a KHAJIIT called R'JHERA. You're picking carefully. Only the BEST and most LOYAL will serve you. You also only have one active thrall - an altmer stablehand you more or less kidnapped called FAEAL. It was his fault for getting too close to you, an easy target. Whether or not you will turn him is debatable.

Overall, You've LIVED A LONG TIME. You were around during the OBLIVION CRISIS so nothing seems to faze you. Every challenge is just but a MERE INCONVENIENCE. Every threat isn't actually threatening. You're POWERFUL. You're IMMORTAL. Nothing can stop you, really.


Sonaire tends to keep to herself more than anything. She's quiet but by no means a pushover - she's the complete opposite in fact, as she is a powerful woman who radiates a threatening yet curious aura. She's not the kind to raise her voice - and likely never has - but she can use her sickly sweet words to make anyone obey her wishes. It doesn't matter what kind of authority someone is, she can always somehow manage to wrap them around her finger.

She's incredibly intelligent and tactful, knowing exactly how to excecute plans or deal with delicate matters with ease. She always appears to be cool, calm, and collected, and not a single thing seems to bother her no matter how serious. She's dealt with too much in her long life to the point where she has experienced almost every kind of hardship and knows how to deal with them effectively.

She's not overly empathetic or apathetic, and seems entirely neutral to everything. She doesn't appear to have emotions and can come across as incredibly robotic to most who meet her. Alternatively, she can seem completely normal when she needs to be - like when interacting with others in towns - in order to not raise suspicions about what she is or who she might be. She's cautious and careful in what she does as she knows she's being actively hunted. She knows better than to rush things or make stupid decisions. She's lived long enough to know patience.


Sonaire is about 6'5" in height and has a fairly average build, save for being slightly broad in the shoulders. She has a unique face shape, as her face is long with a rounded chin, high pointed cheekbones, somewhat sunken cheeks, and an angled jawline. She has an average looking nose, and her eyes are large with dark schlera and orange-red irises that glow in the dark. Her hair colour can be described as 'strawberry-mauve', as it's not quite red but not quite purple. She normally wears it out, with the sides loosly braided to keep it out of her eyes. She wears blue paint on her forehead, eyes, and cheekbones. She always seems to be wearing lipstick of some kind, and the colour regularly ranges anywhere from red, to purple, to black - it depends how the pigments turn out when she makes it.

Outfit-wise, she favours dresses - and only wears pants with her red vampire armour, which even then has a dress-like appearance to it. She enjoyes wearing reds, purples, blacks, and blues usually, but wears either nothing or a light comfy white somewhat-transparent nightdress around her home.

Likes | Dislikes
Death hounds
Clear nights
Having to mask her vampirism in cities
  • She regularly goes out during the day and simply uses restoration magic to keep her stamina and health up, and to also keep a more 'normal' apperance when she's out and about in cities and towns. No-one can suspect her of being a vampire if she seems like the common town folk, after all. She could simply cover her body to prevent her from being harmed in the sunlight, but she prefers to look nice rather than suspicious.
  • Due to the years she was learning with the witches, she makes all of her potions and poisons from scratch and has extensive knowledge on indredients and where to aquire them. Going out and about - sometimes for long periods of time - to simply look for and collect ingredients is a favourite pastime of hers.
  • Despite not being the type to overtly show emotion, she will regularly baby talk and smother her death hound, CuSith. It's an amusing sight to see for those who happen to witness it.
  • Sonaire very rarely wears clothes when she's in her lair. She doesn't believe her body is something she should be ashamed of and believes it is her right to appear however she wishes in her own home.

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Sonaire spent the majority of her living life in Cyrodiil. She was born in the Shivering Isles, but her parents decided to make the move to Cyrodiil in order to experience a less chaotic life. Unlike most Altmer who were all high and mighty, her parents were more down to earth and rathered the idea of raising their baby girl in the multicultural center-hub of Tamriel to teach her that everyone was equal and that you could make a good living from working hard. She grew up on a small farm, indeed working hard from a young age. Unusual as it was to others that an Altmer family was working a farm, Sonaire never saw it as such. She enjoyed tending to the crops and chickens, and enjoyed the casual day to day life she was raised with. She loved her parents, living with them until she was in her early twenties. Until one day, a group of bandits raided her family home when she was running an errand - resulting in the death of both her mother and father, and most of the animals. She fell into a depression for a long time after burying her parents and tried to keep the farm going but couldn't do it on her own, especially after all the damages that had been done. Eventually she simply couldn't keep it up anymore and made the difficult decision to leave - taking very few belongings with her.

She headed for the nearest city to try and restart her life, but it was difficult settling in when farming was the only thing she knew. She spent most of her nights at the local inn, but otherwise couldn't figure out what direction she was going to go in. It wasn't long before her choice was made for her. The Oblibion Crisis had begun. She heard the news late, due to her not having many friends or partaking in idle gossip. It explained why the bandits had destroyed her home - as they were likely looking to collect as many supplies as they could - but she felt no pity for them. She didn't believe that the 'crisis' was that big of a deal, and thought it was mostly just exaggerated by word of mouth. It wasn't until she stumbled across an Oblivion Gate herself that she realised it was serious. She didn't like the fear she felt - it was worse than the feeling she had when she came home to find her parents dead. It made her see that she needed to get a reality check and figure herself out and fast. She did some research on her Altmer heritage and came to the conclusion that she would practice magic in order to best protect herself should the need ever arise. And so, she joined the Mages Guild.

She didn't stay with the Guild for long however, as she eventually took up an interest in necromancy. Of course, the Guild heavily disagreed with that kind of magic, so without revealing her reasoning - she simply left. In order to further research this 'forbidden' magic, she took to buying books on the subject. She also collected many books about destruction, restoration, and illusion magics as she believed they would benefit her greatly. In order to strengthen her knowledge of necromancy, she began doing field tests on small dead animals such as rabbits and birds. She was a natural! Her abilities didn't go unnoticed by a coven of witches who lived in a nearby cave where she had managed to successfully resurrect and control an ogre. They were impressed by her, and didn't hesitate to offer her sanctuary within their cave where they could show her further on how to use special, even more powerful magic that the books couldn't teach. She agreed, not knowing they were witches at the time - and thinking that listening to what they had to say could help protect her even further from the Oblivion Crisis. In the end, she completely forgot about the crisis itself, and ended up staying with the witches for at least another twenty years, long after it was over. They were quick to become her second family. The women were all kind and understanding towards Sonaire, and they not only taught her the magic they promised but also taught her a lot of other valuable lessons such as what flora were poisonous and which were safe to consume.

The witches eventually decided that they were going to travel to Skyrim, where they'd heard of the glory of becoming hagravens. Sonaire wasn't interested in that in the slightest, but since she was one of their own and very much considered herself a witch as well at this point she went with them - saying goodbye to Cyrodill. The witches were keen to get into the ritual immediately, so she only had a few weeks to figure out what she was going to do with herself, as she was convinced they were going to make her undertake it as well, whether she wanted to or not.

She didn't get to decide.

Sonaire was having trouble adjusting to the Skyrim nights, as cold as they were. So, she was awake again - tossing and turning in her makeshift bed. She has even more trouble sleeping this night as she knew in the morning the witches were finally going to make the journey to partake in the ritual, so she decided to go for a walk to clear her head. Pulling on some warmer attire, she stepped out into the cold and made her way in the direction of a small lake. It was then that she paused, noticing someone kneeling over something by the water. Curiosity getting the better of her (and her foolish self for forgetting to cast an invisibility or muffle spell) she cautiously approached the figure, her breath catching in her throat when she saw that the stranger was leaning over a body. He looked up at her, his eyes flashing gold, and that's all she remembered before she woke up by the lakeside that morning - damp, dirty, and with two puncture wounds in her neck. Instead of going back to the witches in fear of worrying them, she tried treating the wound herself and stayed out for a few more hours, letting the morning sun dry out her clothes and warm her. When she finally went back, the witches still showed concern and noticed that she appeared to be sick. A cold? Probably. Either way, they told her that it would probably be best if she didn't join them in becoming hagravens as they believed she should be at full health to get the most of out it. She acted disappointed, but was really relieved. She still went with them as even though she had no interest in becoming a human bird, she wanted to support her family in any way she could. They told her that she could join them once she was feeling better, and she simply told them 'maybe'.

After a few days, her symptoms had grown worse to the point where she couldn't even go outside without feeling like she was having her energy drained. The witches - now hagravens - cooed over her and attempted to heal her the best they could but to no avail. One more morning passed. She woke cold. She woke feeling more... powerful. Gleeful thinking her sickness had passed, she approached the hagravens to tell them the good news. They recoiled, and she felt confused and somewhat hurt. They sat her down and talked with her a bit about her little... predicament, and while they were intrigued by her - they ultimately decided it would be best if she left and followed her new path. Destiny obviously had other plans for her. She had become a vampire.

It took her a long time to get used to her new self. She eventually got the hang of it, and also found she needed to feed to keep people from attacking her whenever her starved self showed outwardly. She was regularly attacked, people regularly fleed from her sight. It made her slowly fall into a state of apathy as she believed she was a monster. At least a hundred years had passed and by this point she had become an incredibly powerful woman. She was tough, resiliant, and no longer looked at her vamprism as a burden. She saw it as a gift. She had heard through rumours of a castle full of vampires off the coast on the far side of Skyrim. After a long, long time of travelling and searching, she eventually found it. Castle Volkihar. Her nervousness having disappeared years ago, she boldly marched up to the gate and demanded entrance, pledging immediate loyalty to whoever was inside. She was denied entrance at first, but her bold pleas were enough to catch the attention of the castle's leader, Harkon. He let her in, and it didn't take long for her to become a part of their court. She didn't feel too much of a connection to any of the vampires however, not even Harkon himself. She'd learned the hard way that it wasn't worth getting attached. Especially since she was yet another follower of the vampire lord to seek the throne. She wanted it for herself - having become somewhat selfish in her years - but unlike the others, she was never vocal about it and gained his full trust. Her plan with Harkon was to become his bride. Unfortunately, he already had a wife. Or at the very least, said that he did. She never saw her, so she didn't quite believe him. She simply thought she wasn't interested in sharing his power.

Thankfully, after the next sixty or so years she gained his trust enough for him to love her. She never became his queen, per se, but he gifted her the most important power of all. The ability to turn into a vampire lord just like him. It gave her a powerful rule over all the other vampires in the court, and made it clear that she was in charge whenever Harkon wasn't. She never returned his love sincerely, this being all a part of her plan to take over the throne. He was becoming weaker and weaker around her, and soon she would strike... in another forty years or so. She still hadn't allowed herself to genuinely become close with any of the other vampires in the hundred or so years she was living with them. It wasn't until a much younger, freshly turned vampire called Ronthil joined their ranks around that time did she feel connected to someone. She mothered him, if anything. Especially since everyone else treated him horribly. He took taking the throne from her mind, temporarily.

Like everything else in her life, she never got the chance to see her plan through. The Dawnguard - a group of self proclaimed 'vampire hunters' stormed the castle, and killed everyone. Sonaire only just managed to escape with the death hound CuSith close on her heel, but she couldn't save Ronthil. He didn't stand a chance.

Now a queen of a court of none, she seeks to rebuild from the ground up - creating her own vampiric army one by one in order to take revenge on the Dawnguard for what they did. She says it's because they took her throne from her - but the reality is they took the one last person she allowed herself to consider family, and it broke her heart enough to turn it cold permanently.

R'JHERA - Underling

When Sonaire decided to build her own army, she quickly realised she needed to turn others to do it. She found R'jhera one day as he had stumbled across her small castle and was trying to loot it and quickly made him her thrall as a punishment. It didn't take her long to notice that R'jhera had some friends in some pretty high placed considering the two factions he was a part of, and after realising that his thrall loyalty wasn't completely her doing, she decided to turn him and make him her first of many loyal subjects. She sees him as immature and somewhat of a nuisance, but she knows that he is a powerful ally to have and that his loyalty is unmatched.

FAEAL - Thrall

Faeal had more or less fallen into a trap when Sonaire made him her thrall. She personally didn't care much for the man, but when she noticed that he had taken to following her around sometimes, she allowed herself to appear more welcoming so that he would let his guard down enough for her to convert him. He now works for her, and while he's still defiant and vocal about his distaste for having to obey her orders, she knows he secretly enjoys his new lifestyle. Especially since when she lessened her controlling grip on him and allowed him to venture whereever he pleased - he never returned home and instead stayed by her side in her lair...