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Water Genasi Druid. Not too familiar with the surface world. Currently adventuring in an archipelago, spends a lot of time on ships/near water. She has three traveling companions at the moment and isn't particularly fond of any of them. There's a blink dog pup that one of them has that she frequently fawns over though.

Powers include:

  • turning into aquatic and arctic animals
  • commanding fishies
  • non-combat water bending
  • ice/water/storm spells
  • healing spells
  • stabbing/impaling people
Her most iconic powers so far are turning into a dire wolf, shooting ice shards at enemies, and calling down lightning. Also summoning a sprite that resembles a baby sea turtle to heal her teammates.


Gotta keep this under wraps until others in the campaign learn this stuff but some simple things...

Sea Elf and Genie (in disguise) parents. Raised among sea elves who bribed their way into being protected by a dragon turtle.

Troublemaker child, hated people, spent a lot of time around the city's "guardian" or roaming the edges of their territory.

Temporarily banished to arctic waters at one point. She could have gone home after her "time out" ended, but she didn't. After years of isolation (only animals and the vast sea to keep her company) she started down the druid's path on her own. 

Eventually, [redacted] gave her cause to venture up to the surface and begin her career as an adventurer. To others, her objective is unknown, she seems to just go where the moment takes her. Smarter folk might get the impression that she's waiting for something.


  • Familiar with aquatic aberrations and can speak/comprehend their language
  • Race Relations
    • Friendly with Merfolk, Mereids, sea creatures, and eventually surface animals too
    • Neutral towards Sea Elves and Atlanteans (or aquatic humans)
    • Annoyed by Tritons and surface dwellers
    • Hates Sahagin and most abberrations 
  • Dated a Nereid lady at one point in her youth


Blue toned skin, has dark stripes along her cheek, neck, outer arms/shoulders, outer legs.
Silver white hair and deep blue-green eyes.
Hair always appears a tad damp with beads of moisture.
Always looks well hydrated and is cool to the touch.

Here's the edited image I use for her game, note the braid, which I wasn't able to include in my art.

Other inspirations: