Maximillian Floyd [Katragoon]



My precious bouncing baby boy i love him so much i will actually die for him Birthday: February 5



  • name: Maximillian Floyd
  • nickname: Max
  • age: 11
  • gender: Male
  • birthday: February 5th


  • can be gifted: yes
  • can be traded: yes
  • can be sold: unlimited
  • status: never for sale/trade
  • masterlist: #251


  • horns: smooth (c)
  • stones: secondary (uc)
  • eyes: vertical rectangular pupils (c), multicolored (uc)
  • tail: simple (c)
  • other: n/a


Max is a very playful and caring kid. He loves nothing more than to entertain, whether it be himself or his friends and family, or even strangers. Always looking to keep those aroud him in a good mood, Max will go out of his way to try to make sure everyone around him is involved and having a good time despite being fairly shy. Max also has absolutely no issues with playing alone, and can amuse himself for hours with his wild imagination. Once he gets himself into a story with his toys, he can't step away until it's resolved. Max doesn't mind being a leader or follower, so long as he is being helpful and having fun.

Max is the son of Tony and Grace Floyd, the younger brother of Trent Floyd, and the twin brother of Maximina Floyd. He is a student and one day aspires to open a toy store where people of all ages can come and browse toys from all sort of different times and places.


  • toys
  • fantasy
  • Delilah


  • people who throw out broken toys
  • bullies
  • being bored