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"Welcome to Pâtisserie du Soleil ♪"

Age 34
Height 178 cm
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Status Single
Occupation Patissier

Species Annie
Rarity Common
Blessing Golden Retriever

friendly ・ charismatic ・ humorous ・ caring ・ devoted

An orphan who once worked in the mines of Mitiora, he fled the after a certain incident caused him to lose everything he loved, and lose faith in everything he once believed in. Taking the one hobby he treasured the most with his dear friend of the past, he honed his baking skills while travelling Asterglean, and now runs a popular patisserie in Bord de Etoilicia. It is a well spoken of tourist attraction at this point, for his delightful desserts, the patissier's good looks, and the extremely cute mascot friend - a puppy named Bear Jr.

Charming and flirtatious by nature, Kynan is extremely friendly and loves to make small talk with anyone and everyone, earning, and there is no shortage of ladies waiting for him to notice them. Unfortunately for them, his heart belongs to someone who he'll never be able to see again in this lifetime - or so he thought.

Design Notes

  • His hair is mostly golden brown, with the exception of a few lighter highlights (do refer to the main ref)
  • He physically appears around his mid 20s due to Annies no longer aging physically past that age.
  • If drawing without the apron, the part that's not visible should just be similar to the average white dress shirt, tucked in.
  • Drawing him with his pet dog Bear Jr. is optional unless otherwise requested.

  • Baking
  • Desserts
  • Making friends
  • Animals

  • Snooty Annies
  • Rain
  • Spicy food
  • Brussel sprouts (ew)