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Name Keir
Called Keir
Occupation Chef
Gender Male
S.O. Unknown
Height 2'0"
Build Endomorphic
Breed Wolf x Fox
Alignment Neutral Good


easy-going . self-sufficient . mellow

One should be careful when gathering food supplies in the Between - especially if you happen to be looking for a delicious mushroom to add to your pasta dish. Not only are there many poisonous kinds of mushrooms, but you may find yourself pulling one off a sleeping Keir. Keir is notorious for planting himself in a patch of mushrooms, while he has them growing along his back. No one knows why this happens, exactly, though the best guess is because he sleeps a lot which simply allows time for these tasty morsels to crop up on him. It is believed that, perhaps, the growing mushrooms drain his energy. However, the more likely explanation is that Keir is simply the definition of easy going. He walks with an easy gate, talks in a relaxed manner, and is never in a rush or concerned about much of anything. If you want to relax, Keir is the one to spend time with. Cooking is the only activity that gets Keir excited. He loves collecting fresh foods from the Between to experiment with, and his keen sense of smell has made him extraordinarily crafty with combining the unique ingredients of the Between. There are a lot of poisonous plants, however, and the mushrooms on his back are one of them. They are beautiful and serene, but an excellent defense mechanism for a guy who has no intentions of reacting to conflict. Instead, he prefers to whip up a good meal, share with his family and friends, and follow it up with a long nap all while remaining oblivious to negativity..

  • watching sunrises/sunsets
  • gardening
  • searching for ingredients
  • napping
  • food being wasted
  • taking things too seriously
  • cities
  • critters going hungry

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D.o.B. date of birth
MBTI isfj
Flower do mushrooms count?
Element earth
Sin sloth
Virtue kindness

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