Ara Cheshire



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Character Information

Bullet; Purple Full name: Ara Cheshire
Bullet; Blue Nicknames/Preferred name:
Ara, Cheshire, Ara the Cheshire Cat(more of a title), Cheshire Cat
Bullet; Purple Age:
20 (in appearance)
*His real age is unknown, he ages very slowly and has a long lifespan*
Bullet; Blue Gender: Male
Bullet; Purple Species: Supernatural being
Lore: He's the Cheshire Cat so kind of/maybe?


Bullet; Purple Abilities:
(Details: )
-Floating/air walking(not quite the same as flying)
-Illusions(includes branch of invisibility)
-Evaporation(can "evaporate" this can tie in with his other abilities such as evaporating into a shift, etc)
-Cat abilities/skills(seeing better in the dark, landing on his feet, natural climber, nimble, enhanced senses, etc)
-Supernatural strength
Bullet; Purple Likes:
-Puzzles and riddles
-Catnip/cat toys
-Food, especially meat even more specific, seafood
-Teasing people
-Forests and other natural areas
Bullet; Blue Dislikes:
-Heavily polluted areas
-Stupid people(ones that are stupid in an annoying way)
-"Fake" people
-People that hurt/torture innocent creatures or people for no reason(when hunting, he tries to go in for an instant kill)
***The idea here is that innocents who never did anything to deserve torture etc, getting abused is what ticks him off but if people are the nasty ones they tick him off and aggravate him***

Bullet; Black Personality:
-A little mad
+Proficient/capable(at things survival-based)
Bullet; Green History:
Ara may seem like a troublesome or shady/suspicious person due to some of his personality traits, but at heart he's a good guy; he generally won't use anything deceitful unless he's in a situation where it's dire, he knows to abide by the rules and respects his superiors. He does enjoy teasing people however, but he only does it playfully, if he happens to overboard with teasing it's usually connected to something else or he simply gets caught up in the excitement--if he is told that he's going overboard he will stop(and sometimes apologize). He is a rather friendly fellow, and enjoys company. Ara will not act aggressive toward others unless provoked, or someone pisses him off; in severe cases such as someone harming a close buddy, his personality will change to a serious attitude and he will get aggressive and use cunning/devious tactics, depending on the level of severity he'd likely "go mad"(often with a wide grin--the classic Cheshire grin that is). Since he is a catboy, he possesses some catlike qualities and may act like a cat sometimes. Ara wanders around forests/meadows/etc a lot so overtime he gained good survival skills and is good at things like building shelters, hunting/gathering and more. He's adventurous and enjoys wandering around and exploring places, especially forest type areas, he also just likes to hang around in those places too like climbing trees and such. He really enjoys shifting into all sorts of creatures, he loves to experience the thrill of being a different creature and exploring the what the creature has to offer first-hand(surely it's much more interesting to learn about an animal by actually being one than reading about it or observing it!). He is good at adapting to different environments and situations so it's relatively easy for him to get used to new areas and the like, he also tends to have natural luck; whether it's something for fun like winning a raffle or something more serious like being in a bad spot of some sort but managing to get out of it somehow. Ara has a rather silly side to himself, he can often be eccentric and comical and being a cat he gets excited over cat toys and even catnip! Just like a real cat, catnip can make him all loopy if he has too much of it! Ara finds different cultures/nations/dimensions/species interesting so he enjoys befriending all sorts of people and traveling to various places. He also kind of has an "I'm awesome and I know it" demeanor/attitude and sometimes likes to show off or hog attention/'steal the spotlight'.

His background on life is a mystery no one really knows about it. He is a mysterious and enigmatic fellow and never really talks about his past. The only ones that may know about it would be people that are very close to him and have known him long enough.

Bullet; Black Relationships:
(Some other ocs of mine)

**Family relationships are unknown**

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Ace Roseheart, known as The Mad Hatter; Ace is basically his best friend and they knew each other since they were young, Ace is very dear to Ara like a brother.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Ryuu(gotta think of a last name lol), a good friend of Ara, Ace and the "gang"(the five ocs, plus Ara, that will be included here), he is a sorcerer.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Adsen Nero, a black bird similar to Ara(has humanoid form), however he can only shift into a full bird, he still has wings in his humanoid form and can therefore fly in either one, part of the gang.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Seto(gotta think of a last name lol), a mysterious guy, Ara and the others sense that he holds some kind of power but it has never been confirmed, he has never said anything about it, he looks like an average human but may hold some powers. He is part of Ara's friend gang.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Yellow Kydal Gin, he is a variation of the red fox known as a silver fox, like Ara and Adsen he has a humanoid form; but like Adsen he can only shift into his full animal form, unlike Ara who can shift into almost any creature he desires. Also part of the gang.

(Current known relationships)
Bullet; Green Additional Information:

Ara's Folder:  
More Details:
Ara will "grin" on various occasions not just when he gets over the top serious, he will do it if he's up to something or has some sort of plan/idea, if he's about to "teach someone a lesson"(like if it's some enemy and he's ready to brawl), and also when he speaks of certain things that are often in a warning type fashion such as "I'd be careful if I were you~*grins*"

Another thing to note is that when he says things I will often add the character "~" to show that he talks in either an eccentric way or sometimes even an eerie/creepy way, depending on the context.