Brandon Katou



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 Brandon Katou

❥ Name: Brandon Katou

❥ Age: Varies** (20 in modern iteration)

❥ Marital Status: Varies

❥ Religion: Catholic (Non-practicing)

❥ Nationality: Japanese / Korean
❥ Sexuality: Straight (Fluid)

❥ Favourite Food:  Zaru Soba

❥ Favourite Drink:  Aloe Vera Drink

❥ Lineage: Unknown

❥ Family: Parents (Deceased)
Origin Story
WARNING: This section contains death, Religion, Discrimination, abuse and other upsetting content. Digression is advised. 
Brandon grew up in a relatively loving household, his mother and father devout Catholics and caregivers for the community. His parents weren't perfect, as they were disapproving of Brandon's then best friends: one Muslim and one Hindu.
His mother and her best friend growing up, Titania, met up after many years introducing Brandon to Alice. The two grew extremely close, Alice having romantic feelings for Brandon.

In his teenage years, Brandon began to silently rebel. When his mother and father would get angry with him, he'd sneak out of the house late at night and call Alice to go for a drive. The two would drive around the city and go back home without anyone noticing.

When Brandon was eighteen, he and his parents were driving in the rain and the car was struck head, killing his father instantly, his mother passing away a few days later. Even though he was considered an adult, Titania took him in later leaving him and Alice behind with her abusive ex. Alice's father was fair to Brandon, never hurting him. When Alice's father would yell at Alice, he would lock Brandon away to keep him from interfering. 

Relationship with Alice

Alice and Brandon are incredibly close, both having to suppress their feelings for the other because of the circumstance. Even though, at first glance, it seems as though Alice relies on him, he actually is the one that relies heavily on her for emotional support.Brandon fell for Alice when he was a teenager. His affection, like hers, had to be suppressed because of their living situation. 

In public, Brandon is very calm and kind, but puts on a persona around his guy friends and can be a bit crude and vain. With Alice he lets his guard down. He jokes with her a lot and can play off her humour well.

  • Brandon is older than Alice by 1 and a half years.

  • He relies heavily on Alice for support.

  • He's not my only OC named Brandon, the other being Roxie's older brother though his personality and appearance is significantly different.

  • In the original work, Brandon had gold highlights like Alice.

  • He likes Greek and Italian food.

  • He enjoys going for drives to calm down

  • Brandon has an anxiety / panic disorder.

  • The two are mutually supportive of each other. When Brandon starts paying attention to other people, Alice gets jealous.

  • Alice has a bunny named Latte and Brandon has a bunny named Cookie who are companions.

  • In the main story, Brandon and Anna get together shortly after Alice sees Kane in his fever mode (Slight loss of control). Upon finding this out from Anna, she runs away and goes missing for three days.

  • [NSFW] Even though he likes to brag about his sexual ventures, Brandon is actually a virgin. He has had encounters sexual in nature, but he's also sentimental and wanted to wait for the right person.

  • [NSFW] Brandon is versatile. He's willing to adapt to his partner's preference. He enjoys verbally teasing his partner, but is also willing to submit to stronger personalities.

  • [NSFW] If Alice were ready, he would've slept with her. When they do get married, Alice would wait weeks before she was ready. Brandon spoils her when they do.
    They still take long car rides... It just ends quite differently.

  • [TW - Suicide] (See below spoiler)
    • Brandon panics when Alice goes missing because he fears for her safety. It's implied that he was the one who got her help when she attempted, and stayed by her side as she recovered. Even though she's better, he still worries about her. She hates that he knows about what happened.

  • Alice is the only one who knows how to bring Brandon down from a panic attack.

  • He jokingly flirts with Alice in public which annoys her.

  • When I was younger, I made the characters in the Sims. Brandon married Anna and Alice married Kane.

  • He takes Alice's last name.


❥ Long Car rides

❥ Playing Guitar

❥ Sports & E-Sports
❥ Thinking about his parents.

❥ Celery 

 Being away from Alice

❥ Letting his guard down

Alice CelestialRelation:  Romantic Interest
Relationship: Brandon and Alice were friends through their mothers. As a young teenager, Brandon was the one Alice pined after. Being besties though meant she got to see every single one of his romantic interests and endeavors. They heavily rely on one and other for support
Kane Souhanna

Relation:  Friend
Relationship: Kane and Brandon become good friends and help each other in running the household. He sees him almost as a brother. 
Anna SouhannaRelation:  Romantic Interest (Temporary)
Relationship: Brandon and Anna are romantic interests and briefly date. Anna insists that she's in love with Brandon who only sees her as a fun person to hang out with. The two break up after a while, largely due to the fact that Anna used dating Brandon to hurt Alice.
Riley SouhannaRelation:  Unknown
Relationship: Thought they're the same age, Brandon and Riley don't interact very much.