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  Anna Alora Souhanna (Hanada)

You can play as Anna in the WIP visual novel <3
❥ Name: Anna Alora Souhanna / Anna Hanada (VN)

❥ Marital Status: Varies

❥ Age: Varies (18 in modern iteration)

❥ Religion: Fluid (She'll happily be part of all of them as well as atheism. She just likes being part of things.)
❥ Nationality: Japanese
❥ Sexuality: Strong female preference but will date anyone who likes her

❥ Favourite Food:  Cake

❥ Favourite Drink: Funfetti Frapp

❥ Lineage: Vampire

❥ Family: Kane (Older Brother), Riley (Older Sibling), Parents (Deceased)
Anna's parents died in a fire long before she could remember. She's raised by her older siblings, and meets Alice and Brandon in her adult years. She's annoyed that Alice doesn't like her and regularly complains about Alice to Brandon who finds it rather amusing.


Anna is bright and bubbly, but also ignorant and naive. She doesn't fully understand the world around her so stays blissfully positive until things don't turn out. She doesn't take responsibility for herself, because she expects Riley or Kane to do that for her. Even when you tell Anna that something is a bad idea, she'll brush it off and do it anyway.

  • I always called Anna: Anna Banana Souhanna. Even today I call her Anna Banana.

  • She's my least favourite next to Annabella but has grown on me in the VN haha

  • Anna regularly thinks she's in love.

  • In the original story, Anna x Brandon were the first, primary couple of the story. Anna ended up with a now obselete character.

  • She's my first VN protagonist that [NSFW] isn't a virgin at the start of the VN



❥ Responsibility


Alice Celestial
Relation:  Frienamie / Romantic Interest (VN Only)
Relationship: Alice and Anna get off to a rocky start. Alice can't stand Anna's optimism and ignorance whereas Anna can't stand Alice's angst. The two find a valuable friend in each other eventually-- only after the two fight over the same boy.
Annabella "Bella"Relation: Best Friend / Romantic Interest
Relationship:  Bella and Anna are best friends that see each other regularly. Anna is in love with Bella secretly, Bella having a crush on Kane. They became friends because they had similar names. Bella is mean to Anna but she takes it and the two learn to communicate in order to get along better.
Kane SouhannaRelation: Younger Sister
relationship: Kane sees Anna as a kid and looks after her as such. The two share a close bond. Kane was the one who taught Anna about puberty because Riley refused.
Riley SouhannaRelation: Younger Sister
relationship: Riley hates parenting Anna but still loves her. They clash often and she gets nagged by Riley regularly.