Riley Souhanna



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  Riley Souhanna

❥ Name: Riley Souhanna / Riley Hanada (VN)

❥ Age: Varies (21 in modern iteration)

❥ Nationality: Japanese
❥ Gender: Agender (She/Her, They/Them)

❥ Lineage: Vampire

❥ Family: Anna (younger Sister), 
Riley is the older sibling and caretaker of Anna. She's very organized and particular but she doesn't take well to change. When she came out to her family, she still insisted they keep she/her as well as calling her their sister.
Riley has an offscreen girlfriend.


Riley is a bit sarcastic and very parent-like to Anna. She's mature but also has her silly moments, such as jumping on Anna's bed while she sleeps in the original. She loves her sister very much but is a bit of a nag towards her.

  • Riley has an off-screen girlfriend, implied to be her fiance. Her girlfriend is rather feminine presenting and shy.

  • Riley looks after

  • her "Never" Tattoo is a reference to "Always" from Harry Potter

  • I dyed the tips of my hair orange when I was 15 in tribute to Riley

  • Riley is very beautiful.

  • In the original, Riley had a much lighter complexion and was said to look a lot like Anna. Her hair was always down.

  • In the original she had romantic interests in a male warewolf named Koray.

  • Riley and Anna are allergic to the same things.





Alice Celestial
Riley acts as Alice's mentor and friend through her trouble. As someone who also struggled with their identity in the past, the two find a valuable ally in the other. Riley helps Alice with Kane or confronting her feelings for Brandon.
Anna SouhannaRiley hates parenting Anna but still loves her. They clash often and she gets nagged by Riley regularly.
Kane SouhannaRiley and Kane are close but their relationship is often strained by their responsibility to hold the family together.
Bella BianchiRiley hates Bella and Bella hates Riley. Riley judges Anna for being friends with her. Riley and Bella start to make amends as Bella grows as a person and Riley ultimately accepts her and Anna's relationship.