❥ Suyeong



3 years, 5 months ago

Basic Info

Name Spelling

수영 | 秀英 (elegant flower)


Elnin by manaberry

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Noble | Female

Main Location





Feminine | Compassionate | Affectionate | Witty | Supportive | Altruistic

As an Adult: Now an apothecary working under Feronia's tutelage, Suyeong has felt she's found her place in the world. Her kind and compassionate nature has made her an excellent caregiver and she's not afraid to do what's needed to be done, even in the most dire of situations. Due to her work, she's doesn't get out and socialize as much as she'd like, but she still does her best to make time for her friends and loved ones. One day she ran into a fellow apothecary on the footpath and fell head over heels for him. Luckily for her, those feelings were mutual and they've been seeing each other since. Vie and Suyeong are currently in the early stages of their relationship, the honeymoon flirty stage. She lives in the old growth forest of Faerindell in a humble wood cabin with her mentor.

As a Kittom: A kind-hearted but feisty little girl when she needs to be! She's fond of what most would consider "girly things" but she can get down and dirty when the need arises. She's very compassionate and openly affectionate with her friends but can be a little protective at times. She does her best to not let it get out of hand but she'll be the first to step in and help or stand up for those she cares about.

Main Traits

Tail Style: Glade
Crown: Flora
Tail Size
Ear Fluff

Hereditary Traits

Dual-toned animaLeggy Fluff
ManedHorn coverings
Featherlight hairCelestial shroud