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General Warnings

  • My whole TH is currently up for offers!
  • Mature themes in story and art may appear
  • All characters with more than 6 art pieces have sorted galleries for each kind of art e.g. fullbody, pixel, sketches, etc.
  • If you fave my characters I'll ping you if they're ever up for offers, if this bothers you I'm sorry

  • Please do not reference/steal my characters in any way!
  • Please do not kin or use my characters for roleplay
  • Please do not color pick or steal my characters palettes
Other Info

  • Feel free to draw any of my characters, just make sure to show me and not claim the character as your own.
  • Feel free to offer on anyone but know I'm very tentative on anyone outside of my OTA (Sale) folder.
  • By accepting this warning, you agree with the all the above.

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