Vincent Rashold



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Vincent Rashold
Human | 18 | Male | Gay



Vincent is really outgoing and loves people. Sometimes he can be a smartàss but it's all in good fun for him. He likes to hang out with his friends whenever he can and exits new places. When you first meet him he can be a bit shy but opens up really quickly soon after. Sometimes he rambles and gets a bit self conscious about it but nothing really beyond that. He doesn't seem to get super offended when he is mistaken for a girl and instead just corrects the person with a smile. It's rare to see him without a smile


vin has curly hair and a slimmer figure with some more curves than the average boy which often gets him mistaken for a girl. He has tan brown skin because he is bi-racial but it can be seen as just a really good tan sometimes . His long hair doesn't help with his mistaken gender, his light brown hair with darker brown highlights flows right past his shoulders. His skin is lightly freckled and you can really see them in the sunlight or when he smiles. His eyes are a mix of turquoise and teal which really stand out against his tanned skin and shine brightly when he smiles. He has plump lips and white teeth that seem to draw attention sometimes. He's average size for his age usually, not to tall or to short luckily, he usually wears casual clothes


small animals, being outdoors, cuddles, making friends

Artist Tips

Vincent’s eyes are an aqua teal mix 

Vincent has freckles 

he is light skinned biracial 

he has long curly hair and is feminine looking 

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