The Ace of Diamonds (Drachen)



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Name Drachen van Diamante
Also Known As The Ace of Diamonds, Kite
Age Teenage - Young Adult
Gender Female
Race Deckian, Ace of Diamonds
Role Heir to Diamond Throne, Ace
Alignment One House of Cards, Suit of Diamonds

The introverted heir to the throne. Book-smart and tech-smart. Gets anxious very easily, but if you get to be good enough friends with her, she doesn't seem as anxious...


  • Lo-fi music
  • Chocolates (Milk, with the creamy stuff)
  • Uno
  • Books
  • Modern tehnology


  • Skip-bo
  • Being in large groups of people
  • Random anxiety
  • Animals that could kill her


Born to the King and Queen of Diamonds, making her the First Generation of Peace's Diamond Ace. The second oldest of the Aces, she is very close to the other Aces, and she often hangs about the castle's library. When sneaking out with her fellow Aces (she would never do it alone), she poses as Kite, a young traveler from a destroyed Deckian village.


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The Ace of Hearts (Thaddeus) [ relationship ]

Drachen's fellow Ace, younger than her. Despite this, he manages to help her through anxiety attacks and just help cheer her up. Thaddeus is probably the one she's most at ease with out of all the other Aces.


The Ace of Spades (Pik) [ relationship ]

While Pik and Drachen don't have a lot in common, the two have known each other for the longest amount of time, since Drachen was born. This means Drachen is really used to any snark from Pik and knows that they're really rather blunt, and definitely not as good with putting things gently. Together, they're trying to work on that.


The Ace of Clubs (Jetel) [ relationship ]

Jetel and Drachen's relationship is an odd one. Drachen enjoys hearing all of Jetel's ideas, minus the ones that include an immense amount of taking over things... Drachen does enjoy hearing the odd connections one normally wouldn't make. Jetel, one the other hand, enjoys blabbing on and on sometimes, and appreciates having someone who will listen. Despite this, they still have their ups and downs and arguments.

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