“The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. I...I am, and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”

-The Doctor

Name Konstantine Thaddeus Markorov
Age 40 years old.
Gender Bisexual Male (male-leaning)
Race Russian
Height 6'9 (tall boy)
Build Wiry
Role CDC head scientist
Alignment Science?

The strange infection that covers Konstantine's right arm has been meticulously studied by him and his coworkers, and has been found that it is not fatal by any means, nor is it dangerous. It spread from his fingertips up to his jaw and shoulder over the spans of a year, and occasionally makes Konstantine feel dizzy or ill. The infection has not spread further than where it is now, and it is doubtful that it will spread any more than it already has. It is not infectious or contagious to others, and it is unknown what caused it to latch onto Konstantine instead of any of his coworkers. The infection has caused his eyesight in his right eye to deteriorate, and his hearing in his right ear is almost completely gone. The infection appears to have deteriorated the nerves in his ear, and the infection had caused some sort of neuron malfunction, stopping some of the neruons reaching out and connecting to the others, causing his eyesight to diminish rapidly. He now wears a strong contact lense in his right eye, and ocasionally wears glasses with one perscription lense in them.


  • Loyal
  • Driven
  • Charming
  • Antisocial
  • Intense
  • Neurotic heck

Konstantine is...intense. He is always working, and if he is not working, he's getting coffee so he doesn't fall asleep so he can work more. He doesn't go home, as he has a spare room in the CDC lab, as per his request on arrival as the head scientist. He hasn't got any friends inside or outside of work, he keeps everything strictly professional and makes a conscious effort to keep people from trying to befriend him by keeping emotions in check and friendliness on a low-down spot on his to-do list. He doesn't have a bad temper, and is quite mellow, but if you interrupt his work or won't leave him alone, he can be incredibly scary when he's angry. After he has a breakdown or yells at someone, he will sometimes apologise quietly before returning to his work. The times he does not apologise are the times he cannot be bothered and will continue to treat you like you have no business being near him for the entirety of your existence. Konstantine holds HUGE grudges. He also is a man of science, obviously, and will not respect the fact that people are vegan or are anti-vaccination. He does not believe in herbal remedies. He, when he wants to be, anyway-can be very charming in the right situations. He has a charming smile, and can be very pleasant to talk to under the right circumstances.


Konstantine is a Russian-British middle-aged man, born in Russia. He ws raised there by his father, Ivan Markorov, while his mother was away, until he was 14, where they then moved down to Westminster per his mother's request. Konstantine was homeschooled by a prestigious English tutor, whom taught Konstantine to be fluent in English, and taught him the sciences as well as Mathematics. After he had the basics down, Konstantine's knowledge soared. He begged to be sent to a public school for what would be his eleventh year of education. When he turned seventeen, thanking his tutor profusely, he went off to school. Having being taught English by an Englishman, Konstantine lost some of his Russian accent,making his accent hard to decipher, as it was mostly British with a Russian twang. He got along well with the teachers at his new school, but the children were...difficult to connect with. Being homeschooled had cost him valuable social education, and had caused him to become...reclusive and antisocial. He preferred to stay inside and do work than go outside and run around with his fellow students. He excelled in Science and Advanced maths, and as an elective in school he took advanced Biology and Neurophysiology. Before his year was even over, he was offered a scholarship from the university of Cambridge, and went and studied Biology and Disease prevention there for three years. After graduation, he went to visit his parents, as he had moved out. His mother informed him that his father had fallen ill, and likely would not survive the operation he was to undergo later that day. They were correct. Konstantine's father was buried in a cemetary near the house.Two years later, Konstantine's mother passed away from pneumonia, after she had always gotten sick easily. Konstantine was around 22 years old. Konstantine sold the house and moved back to Russia, and by this time he was 26 years old. He tutored college level Advanced Biology and English for two years, where he regained his old Russian accent. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and was offered a high-end job for the Centers for Disease Prevention, or more commonly known, the CDC. He has been working there ever since.


Konstantine has an incredible attention span, and can sit for hours and write reports and do paperwork.

If it has anything to do with biology, Konstantine can do it. He is incredibly good at that sort of science, and can do it like he can speak his own language.

Workplace Stamina (god that sounds baaad)
At work, Konstantine can work for a solid fifteen hours with nothing more that a cup of coffee and a sandwich on occasion. He doesn't get tired much, and even if he does get tired, the ringing in his right ear from the funky infection he has keeps him awake usually.

With a single cup of coffee, Konstantine can stay awake for like, five days.









All in all, Konstantine has had a pretty average life. Of course, counting out the strange nausea-inducing infection he has, and the fact he's the head scientist of a CDC lab...Other than that, though, he's not had anything extrodinary happen to him. He's a bit of a prude, and obviously a little awkward, but other than that he's a pretty sensible guy to be around, both at work and elsewhere.

Konstantine has a strange disorder called Neuroticism, wherein it makes him entirely more susceptible to extreme anxiety, aggression, envy and worry, among other things. And he is an anxious person in general, but he keeps it under wraps. He does have anxiety, and can worry every now and again, but other than that, he is a very efficient worker, and the coffee he drinks helps take the edge off his anxiety.


  • He's Bisexual; Male-leaning, however.
  • He collects masses upon masses of bird feathers, and keeps them in several different locked boxes in his room.
  • He can speak three fluent languages; English, Russian and Dutch.
  • He plays the piano and the acoustic guitar.

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