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Name Tinte Ink

Pronouns he/him

Age 34

Race Ant (aner)

Spectrum Immortal

Homeland Aaxe, Ink C.

Location Aaxe, Ink C.


The current leader of Ink Colony, Tinte is a force to be reckoned with and an intimidating figure no matter where he goes. After assuming power at the terribly-young age of twenty-nine, he went on to lead a charge against neighboring Rain Colony that completely destroyed its main city and sent the other colonies into fear-induced panic.

Cold and calculating, Tinte prefers to weasel his way out of danger whenever possible, but isn't afraid to fall back on grabbing situations by the horns. Though he lacks charisma and his youth is a major marr on public perception of him, his intense glare and reputation quash any potential rebellion before it gets off the ground. 

Determined to find gods, he's put his life's work on the line to try to draw them back out of hiding in Myrme. He is generally dissatisfied with life and the way the world works, and is willing to go to any extreme to make it better.

Currently, this involves trying to draw information out of his suspected gods-posing-as-mortals: Sires Abyssal, Cleverly Clover, and Saltis. Though the goings are slow, the help of a strange aner is pushing Tinte ever-closer to his goal....


Biographic Information 

Phonetics tint

Height 8'04"

BirthdayTeltriidan 31





Occupation Leader of Ink Colony

Affiliation Ink Colony

Affinity -

AlignmentLawful Evil


Primary ThemeGive Peace a Chance


Partner(s) no.

Best Friend......

Oldest Friend Candy Ink

Rivalhaha, as if?

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As a child, Tinte was part of a boom month - five other aner had happened to be born in the same short span, and they were raised as peers and friends. Despite having same-caste individuals of the same age, Tinte explicitly constantly felt othered (mostly of his own perception), and often snuck away from group activities and class to explore the colony's capital, Aaxe, instead. Rather than listen to the aner instructor drone on about the correct ways to petition the leader, Tinte sought out the Immortals of Ink, the Ants who had happened to live forever as thanks to random genetic mutations. 

The Immortals had stories to tell - plenty of them. Details had long since fogged, but they could recall stories of gods and of war, of great heroes and miracles that rose up to save the colonies every time they stumbled too close to the line of collapsing. When the rubber hit the road, the gods were always there to make sure the landing only scuffed a bit, enough for the mortals to understand what went wrong and learn from their mistakes.

Tinte was deeply fascinated, never able to tear himself away. Rapt attention was given to these stories, these tales of loving, parental forgiveness, of patient caretakers tending to their flock of mortals.

But... there were no gods left on Myrme. They had all left generations ago, seemingly overnight, never to be seen again. Enough modern Ants considered them a myth at best and an urban legend at worst, used to intimidate the children into sleeping and eating their vegetables. 

As he matured into adulthood, frustration began to mount at Flourish's slow-crawl conquest of Rain Colony, who shared a continent with Ink. The world was so big, beautiful, expansive, and here they were, wriggling along it at a snail's pace. If the colonies were united, they could pour global resources into bringing back the gods, to solve every issue that Tinte saw in the colonies.

And it'd be best if they weren't bickering over who got to pet the gyne. What a trite, absolutely infantile conflict. There were real gods, actual gods, a mere investigation away, and all Flourish and the other leaders could think about was sex

Tinte knew he wouldn't be able to change anything unless he had power, influence, a way to instruct people, to change their perceptions and minds. He didn't want to stamp out all opposition, but if he was going to find gods, he needed resources, he needed people, he needed power. The world's issues would not resolve themselves idly while he tapped his fingers and watched it crawl to its death. 

Flourish was not a bad man, but he was just in the way - he happened to be leader at the worst possible time. He fell easily, challenged out of the blue, moments prior to another conquest of Rain Colony. 

As leader, Tinte turned the colony archives inside out, pouring every document over for information about the gods, information about leading. He replaced the entire upper colony management, filling them with peers that he knew enough about to trust, vaguely, in the positions. It would do him no good to have backtalkers and arguments.

For his first actions as the new head of the colony, Tinte marched on Rain with all Ink's might, unleashing a magical assault that neither colony was truly prepared for, but Tinte forced Ink through it anyways. Rain collapsed, havoc and panic taking whatever Ants that hadn't succumbed to the battle itself. TInte had integrated one of the other five, all within five years of becoming leader. An excellent start, truly.

He will find the gods. He will unify the world. And anyone who thinks otherwise will bend.


 TINTE  … @tinteink 


LocationAaxe (FiRi)

Following 14


Joined -

  • Massages
  • History books
  • Storytelling
  • Unity
  • Caretaking
  • Chalk candies
  • Sweet cakes
  • Beaches
  • Fishes (food or pet)
  • Television

 Bow down to me, your leader   (just kidding!)

Teltriidan 10th

The Ocean Festival is coming up.   I expect everyone to behave themselves & enjoy the parties that my lovely internal manager @MorosI has prepared. <3

My Stats















  • Favorite color is pink (the irony is not lost on him)
    • Detests it when people joke that he looks like he's from Letter Colony
  • Enjoys winter for the snow and hot cocoa, which he sips while working on paperwork
  • Likes to snack on little treats while working, like eclairs
  • Strongest sense is sight; strongest taste is sweet
  • Left-handed
  • Does not want to become a god himself, at all
    • The responsibility of the position terrifies him
  • Believes no gyne can be gods, as they're "too stupid"
  • Tried to learn the cello when he was younger, but gave up as he wasn't progressing as fast as he would've liked
  • Likes to collect sea animal plushies
  • Goes through the multiplication table in his head when too angry to really calm down
  • Was suggested to go into psychology by the Educational Director, but enjoyed mathematics more
    • Used to diagnose mental illness and prescribe medications, shadowing under the Executive Psychologist, Scribe
  • Bed and dorm are full of stacks upon stacks of books and documents "borrowed" from Ink's archives
    • Don't expect him to return them anytime soon
    • Can recite most legends and myths by heart
  • Visits the gyne occasionally, although running jokes around the colony say he doesn't
  • Doesn't know how to swim, but keeps this a tightly-lipped secret
    • Also gets seasick on boats very easily

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