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  •  Name   Feast 
  •  Age   Unknown 
  •  Height   6'0" 
  •  Species   Demon
  •  Sexuality   Unknown 
  •  Personality 
    Currently, in his 'broken' state, Feast tends to have little energy. A demon built off of hunger, without his head, he has no ability to eat, living in a constant state of starvation. He is a true wanderer now- almost carefree in his actions, moving from place to place. Deep within lies the seed of revenge. 
  • Originally a powerful demon of gluttony, Feast was full of fire. He loved to fight and feed- anything was fair game. Rules and restrictions were meant to be bent, or they were things for other, lower demons. This attitude was what had him punished in the first place. 
  •  Appearance 
    Feast has two forms- his current form, shown on the left, is the form he maintains after being beheaded. With the loss of his head, he lost most of his powers. 
  •  Likes   sunny days, cheese + wine tastings, math, sudoku puzzles, scarves                       
  •  Dislikes   confrontation, unplanned events, swimming, tank tops, family get-togethers      
  •  Backstory 
  • A powerful demon, Feast grew stronger the more he ate- and he could eat anything. He reveled in fighting, and took a special kind of pleasure in hunting monsters, demons, anything that could provide a challenge. He often took the form of a deer, luring in human hunters. 
  • However, his gluttony grew too great, and he was eventually brought to heel. What blood he spilled in the fight was repayed- he lost his head to one of the demonic regulators, a demon named Cherish. To be without the ability to eat for a demon formed of hunger and desire was the cruelest of punishments. Feast is a fraction of what he once was, now a wandering soul. 
  •  Name   Relationship 

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  •  Trivia 
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