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Having left his native Italy, Giulio showed up in Apricot Bay decades back with very poor English skills and a fiery passion for art. Well, his brand of art. While wandering aimlessly around a totally new environment, he found a flier advertising a new Gallery, the word "Art" calling out to him in big bold letters because he sure couldn't understand much else of it. He decided to make his way over there, where he met Riley. The two click on some level unknown to both of them and Giulio gradually became a permanent resident.

Now, 30 years later, it's rare that you don't hear him stomping around his studio like a mad dog. Probably grumbling about the trees being wrong. Or that sunset came too early today.

He contrasts with Riley's homely, natural feel, preferring minimalist design, both in his work and his workspace. Though he insists there's a deeper meaning to all of his work, his feelings and thoughts are usually very blatant, made even more obvious by how ranty he gets when you point it out.


Despite being a fat bastard, Giulio seems to be able to end up anywhere in the Art Gallery, completely unphased by the shifting, ethereal nature of the building. He's too busy thinking about art. And maybe green otters. He's also decently strong when he needs to be.
Well, he's old, fat and emotionally erratic, explosive and sensitive. He has to take naps sometimes.
The thing Giulio's most afraid of is himself. He's afraid to accept his sexuality and attempts to hide his emotions under masculine gusto. It's blatantly obvious that he's gay to anyone who talks to him for more than 10 minutes but he's very much not aware of that.
Bad back, has difficulty picking things up off the ground, an inability to stay awake in a comfy chair, the usual old man nonsense.
Tics/nervous habits
Giulio paces. He paces a lot. Sometimes just in his studio, other times around the seemingly neverending corridors of the Art Gallery, sometimes even the nearby forest when he's really wound up.


He can be a bit of a loner, spending long hours by himself in his studio, slapping paint onto a canvas and huffing. Otherwise he mostly naps, not always on purpose.
At ease
He's rarely completely at ease, getting frustrated by meaningless nonsense that no one else cares about. On the rare occasion he is at ease, he might tell you half of a charming story from his youth in Italy before falling asleep.
Under pressure
Paces around the room, ranting and raving, probably gesticulating wildly. Not much help in a serious situation, though he seems to come to his senses quite a bit when there's young'uns to protect.
It takes a very long time for Giulio to allow people into his private life, and his abrasive nature pushes people away. As such, the only guy he really trusts is Riley. They like to go fishing together some evenings. Giulio is mostly the same, his drama is natural, but he's at his most peaceful while they're fishing.
He's a massive show-off, a big fan of inviting everyone around to the Gallery for a glass of champagne while they wander around the Gallery pretending that they understand the hidden meanings in his work. He'll probably just talk to you about his work, being a surprisingly private man.
In keeping with his general melodramaticness, if you ever manage to get on Giulio's bad side, expect a loud TSCH and him ranting to himself in Italian as he wanders off.