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  • Peacefulness
    Painting ability
    Taste for fish


Riley was born out-of-state along the western coast of the country, but moved to The City in his early 20s to pursue art. An angry youth with something to prove, The City's Pompier collective of musicians, performers, and visual artists proved to an early home for Riley's painting endeavors. He became well known for challenging the scene's pretentious orthodoxy, both in his rants and in his work by mixing his experimentation with Americana. Thus, while he found himself one of the more commercially viable there, he was roundly criticized as a sellout and an opportunist and found himself effectively barred from the scene.

Declaring himself done with egos, Riley left for Apricot Bay a short time later. There, he took over a strange, decrepit homestead off the edge of the Tualatin River and fixed it up largely by himself, using the space to display his own works and soliciting works from others. Over the next 30 years, the Apricot Bay Art Gallery has grown steadily with him, and while it hasn't quite brought him world renown, it has brought him those who need the space and the guidance.


An eye for detail and crazy efficient, Riley has over 40 years experience as a painter and artist doing mostly landscapes, and to this day, it keeps him going. Patient as death and wise at this life thing, he's good at fostering the pursuits of residents of the town, artistic or otherwise, and he makes an excellent fisherman on top of that.
Riley is...messy. Anywhere he frequents in the Gallery is absolutely thick with overgrown plants, and he loses things often as a result of his age. Certainly, the former annoys Giulio, a stark minimalist.
Even as old and prolific as he's been, something niggles at Riley every time he's idle for too long. Riley was a nocturnal workaholic in his earlier years until his health forced him to slow down some. Something about his work never quite seems to satisfy him, a big reason he's leaned more on his fishing in recent years.
Riley's about straightened himself out by the time he makes his first appearance. At one point, though, he was a far more overzealous person with definite anger issues. Most who know him now can't quite believe that fact, though old heads from the scene remember his blowups well.
Tics/nervous habits
Riley's tail is perhaps the most active part of him; it rarely ever sits still, almost as if it's still trying to propel him through the water.
Voice/speech patterns
Riley has a nice, aged gravel to his voice, though overall soft-spoken, and he frequently confuses Colton with his bizarre sayings, some of which he just made up right now. Probably.


By himself, Riley's probably keeping busy painting to music or fishing. Solitude doesn't bother him one bit, and it hasn't since being ejected from the Pompiers.
At ease
As easy-going as it gets, on a good day, you can expect to see Riley out on Apricot Lake, perhaps with Giulio in tow, or prowling around his loft, deciding where next to take a painting.
Under pressure
Riley's experienced enough pressure to know to step back and think out a solution, but he does still have that trademark bite on him from his youth if he's pushed.
Riley doesn't keep many people close, but he's kind of the ultimate dad for those he does. If he offers to take you out on Apricot Lake on his fishing boat, you know you're one of the few.
Riley is incredibly welcoming of those who patron the Gallery and encouraging of those looking to try their hands at various mediums of art, even ones he's not well-versed in, like Colton's pursuit of music. He'll more than happily ramble about techniques and give you pointers if you're looking for them. Outside of it, he's a lot less talkative, preferring to observe and listen to what's around him.
Riley doesn't often have a need to distrust someone, but expect a lot of glares, grumbles, following around, and a rumored shotgun for protection somewhere in that loft if you happen to trip that side of him.