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Mei 15-33 Slime
  • Full Name Mei Akizuki
  • Gender Female
  • Age 15
  • Born 3/22
  • Sexuality Bi
  • Quirk Slime
  • Occupation UA Class 1A Student

Mei’s quirk is of course, slime, which changed the entire makeup of her body. Mei shares this quirk with both of her parents and had her quirk activated before she even turned one. Because of this, she encountered her fair share of bullying growing up for multiple reasons. She held on to her baby fat for quite a while and didn’t learn how to really control her form much until she was older, so she was a little pudgy ball of slime throughout elementary school. This inspired the kids to say her quirk wasn’t slime but just fat. Getting called ‘the blob’ was quite normal, and in general being compared to various slimey villains. Had she not had a good amount of friends to stand up for her and encourage her, her insecurities may have grown much more.

Mei was a bit more shy when she was younger and only had a handful of friends. Her absolute best friend was a girl named Rhea. Rhea was brave and strong and always helped her clean up. They were (and still are) like sisters. One day when they were on Rhea's family boat in elementary school, Mei fell off the side and into the water. The main problem with this was that she had almost no control of her form back then. When she touches water, it basically dilutes her into a puddle unless she manually condenses herself beforehand, which she had not. So she began to melt more and more with the water - the equivalent of drowning for her. Rhea jumped in and helped her literally hold herself together until her family got them both out. Mei has admired her the most ever since.

In middle school, Rhea got into an accident that lead to her needing to have most of her leg amputated. Rhea got teased for it and it was of course a feature she became very self conscious of. Without even a second thought, Mei morphed one of her arms to look like it was amputated as well.

"Because I want to look like my heroes," is a line she’s had to explain multiple times over the years.

Ever since then, Mei keeps her resting form to have one missing arm like Rhea, in solidarity.

On top of having amazing friends to inspire her and make her happy, she grew up reading comic books, manga and graphic novels to both explore and escape her insecurities and find whatever redeeming qualities in herself that she could. She could relate to the nerds and outcasts and it inspired her more and more to be a hero as she got older, taking her quirk training very seriously at school.

This also lead her to dabble in cosplay, where she would go so far as molding herself to actually take on a more accurate shape of whatever hero she was dressing as. She keeps a few traits inspired by her heroes to make herself feel like a hero in everyday life. With all of this maturing and shifting, she, quite literally, grew into who she is today.

Her parents own a traditional mochi shop(they know how to identify the optimal amount of squish, afterall), which also just so happens to be their home. Mochi is Mei’s favorite dessert and she helps in the shop for a few hours every weekend. Her parents intentionally timed their shop hours so that they’re only open while Mei was at school. They did this both to make sure that Mei could focus on her studies and to make sure they spend lots of time with their little slime girl.

Despite her parents best efforts, she doesn’t always do amazing in school, especially when it comes to quizzes and tests. Her obsession with comic books and the like inspires her to take her powers to new heights and get more creative, but unfortunately also inspires her to stay up far too late reading them or stalking fan forums. She does fine with her homework, but has a habit of staying up goofing off the night before a quiz or test. She just barely made it into UA with her grades, and luckily her quirk showed a lot of great potential when she displayed it for the board.

Mei joined class 1-A along with a couple of her childhood friends. It wasn’t long into the school year before a guy with spiky red hair that just looked and actedlike a hero from a manga caught her eye. She got to spend time with him every now and again, but as time went on, she realized that he had a crush on her friend Ere. She tried to keep hope alive for as long as she could, but eventually Ere and Kirishima became a very official couple, affectionately called ‘Ereshima.’

”Even their ship name is perfect.”

She kept her feelings to herself for the most part, channeling them when she exercised the following days. She stayed supportive of her friend as she accepted the outcome. The more she saw Ere and Kirishima together, the more she realized that she didn’t really know Kirishima that well. She had just fallen for the idea of him. Upon further reflection, she understood that a big part of why she was so disappointed that Kirishima didn't have feelings for her was because deep down she thought that meant she wasn't strong in his eyes. This evolved into a whirlwind of insecurities about the abilities of her quirk, and she came to the conclusion that she needed to focus on getting stronger, since her powers were still a little unpredictable and hard to control. What if she'd never be as strong as any of the heroes she's looked up to all this time? What if she could only show the full strength of her powers if she used them the way a villain would?

For now, she’s focusing on making more friends, training hard, and learning from the cool people around her, all the while questioning what she really wants to be. The other heroes-in-training around her seem so sure of themselves and hardworking. Is she really cut out for this? Does she really want to be a hero? Or, similar to her crush on Kirishima, had she just been infatuated with the idea of it all this time?

She hasn’t confirmed any answers, but she’s working as hard as she can to figure it all out.

Romantic Junk

As a serial monogamist, Mei has had her fair share of encounters with people that just weren't the right fit, despite her initial confidence otherwise.


Through Ere's relationship with Kirishima, she ended up meeting and hanging out with Mina more by proxy. Emotions developed, at first just as a fangirl of the super cool and confident hero-like-upperclassman, but that admiration developed into a much different kind of admiration that took her by surprise. 

More deets to come but yeah they fell in love and they're cute together, ssshhhh...








  • Cleanliness
  • Creativity
  • Cooking


  • Neat freak
  • Often impulsive
  • Addictive Personality

Mei is kind and sweet… unless you make a mess or say something she finds rude. She’s not afraid to lecture someone like an overbearing mother or controlling older sister. She can be a little snappy if you hit the wrong buttons. But with this air of control and snappiness, she’s also quite the nerd that enjoys spending most of her freetime reading comic books, graphic novels, and manga. She has a devotion to reading about heroes of all sorts, since they always inspire her to train to become a better hero as well.

Despite having been sometimes bullied for her blobby form when she was younger, she has maintained a good amount of confidence with the help of her childhood friends, who always reminded her of how great she was no matter what the bullies said. She took a lot of comfort in this but still carries some personal insecurities about her quirk and form, though she very rarely allows it to shine through. To help herself feel stronger and more confident in her tween years, she adapted her body to take on some traits inspired by her favorite heroes. She uses this skill when she dabbles cosplay as well.

She’s not the brightest in school but she’s far from dumb. She has her convictions, and she sticks to them, even if some people don’t always see them as logical. For example, she could technically grow her arm back out, thus making her life easier again, but she refuses because of what it means to her. She can be very silly, outspoken and playful, but when it comes to family, friends, her family’s shop, homework, training, and cleanliness, she knows how to be serious.

However, this doesn’t stop her from fangirling at any chance she gets. She knows how to fangirl and does it well. Whether fictional or real, she basically swoons over heroes like a girl in love. Although there’s generally no romance behind that affection, she often expresses her admiration like one of the bimbettes from Beauty and the Beast.

(These silly lovely ladies for those of you who don’t know.)


This way of expressing herself has certainly given a few people the wrong idea in the past, and sometimes when she’s in admiration mode, she has a tough time saying no to a romantic advance, even if it’s far from what she’s interested in.

She’s quite the flexible little blob.


  • Being clean
  • Sequential Art
  • Superheroes


  • Messiness
  • Shedded fur
  • People touching her without her permission





Domestic Value

Quirk Description

Mei is completely made of a mysterious slime that allows her to:

☆ Mildly change her form - she can change most features fairly easily, but her eyes, texture, and color scheme will always stay the same. So technically she could shift to make herself look like J-Lo… but she’d clearly be a blue slime chick version of J-Lo.

✮ Change the density of her slime - she can condense pieces of her slime to be as hard and heavy as bullets, or as loose and fluid as a slippery goo you’d encounter on a wet mossy rock on the beach. She has an arm cannon that can shoot out her slime, but she gets smaller the more slime she shoots, so she has to use it sparingly.

☆ Separate herself to make non-sentient slime - sick of watching slime compilation videos and craving to actually play with some? She can let you borrow a piece of her if you really want - just make sure to wash your hands, keep it clean, and give it back when she asks!

✮ Separate herself into sentient-slime - she can essentially make little slime babies from herself. Seems cool and all, but she can only make them a small size at this point, and those small sizes only allow them to be able to retain one small command at a time. After completing that very basic task, they automatically run back to join with her again. Say she wants them to fetch something from the other end of a hall - that would require two slime babies. One to carry a slime baby down the hall, and another to grab whatever it is down the hall, and both would return immediately after completing their assigned task. She rarely uses this because frankly, they’re pretty difficult to handle and it take a lot of thinking and coordination.

☆ Change size based on how much water she absorbs - the more water she absorbs, the bigger she gets. But the bigger she gets, the harder it becomes to stay balanced and control her form. Activities such as swimming and walking through the rain require a lot of focus to make sure she doesn’t fall apart and essentially turn into a puddle. In theory, she could also shrink down to be super small and compact, but she hasn’t quite learned how to do that yet. Size is one of the areas she needs the most practice in.


  • Condense+expand slime density
  • Break of pieces of herself to make sentient and non-senstient blobs
  • Absorb water to get larger


  • Gets smaller as slime is used
  • Sentient beings can only perform one basic command
  • Body is harder to control the bigger she gets


  • Pursuits
  • Ranged combat


  • Close combat
  • Water-heavy terrain
14476414_kyMiKpxnQS67rYi.png By: Midatso on dA
  • Height 5'1
  • Build Thicc n Pretty
  • Aesthetic Girly
  • Outfits  A B C D
  • Eyes Blackout Sclera
  • Other Notes Fin Ears
  • Other notes Missing part of one arm
  • More Reference Mood Board

Mei's body is an aqua blue while her 'hair' is closer to a seafoam green, and while her body is more transluscent (like clear slime), her hair is opaque (butter slime). If you know slime, you know what I mean, but if you don't, below is an example that represents it pretty closely!

rTGS6a7.pngHair Slime Credit Body Slime Credit

Her bodyshape can technically vary, but her usual resting form is quite thicc, as well as her 'hair.' She also has part of her right arm missing for reasons explained in her background. Her eyes are similar to a 90s-style alien, blacked out and large. Her ears like fins with light yellow webbing, and she has an overall sweet face.

And here's some aesthetic~~

Ere Mitsugu - Furball/Classmate
3525094?1556272827 Ere and Mei grew up together and she is one of Mei's best friends. They get up to silly shenanigans, but most of all, Mei regularly grooms Ere since she has a massive amount of fur and it's hard to get out of slime when they hang out.
Ayato 'Yoshi' Mifune
4108120?1557985539 If there's anyone that's more nerd garbage than her, it's him, and she loves that even if he can be an embarrassment to them both. They goof around and laugh about stupid things. While they both know how to make each other laugh, they also both know how to piss each other off - Mei has a habit of stealing his comic books.
3703565?1553060346 Another character she grew up with, she and Yui often bicker like siblings. Despite this bickering, they love and care for each other like siblings too.
Yui Kagami
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