Ace Roseheart



4 years, 1 month ago


Ace is my mad hatter oc. He is kind, gentlemanly, a bit mad(it's given since he's the mad hatter lol), intelligent, mature, caring, calm & collected, eccentric, mysterious. He and Ara are besties, and they have a very close relationship like two brothers.

Probably only one that can tease Ara and actually affect him by it lol. He also keeps him in check if he causes to much trouble (since he is mischievous and sometimes goes too far).

Ace can be stern and scary when he needs to be, so don't get on his bad side~

***He has two sets of hat piercings do not forget them!***

//Also has slitted pupils//

 Ace has several abilities:

 -Special eyes that can see through things and at a distance

 -Manipulation(manipulate various things like elemental factors) 

-Blood Boiling (self explanatory? But he has a lot of control over it, can raise and lower temperature...he can burn you from inside...)

 -Elemental Emission(to be able to emit flames, water etc) 

-Enhanced senses(able to sense weather patterns and more)