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Basic Info






Troll (Zandalari)




Unknown currently; she hasn't given it much thought yet.


Dinomancer, Devoted of Gonk (in training)


Raniaz (foster mother)



Tengii is a surprisingly quiet and demure young Zandalari, given that most Zandalari trolls are prideful and confident. Having been put through harsh training regimens as a child, she is afraid to fail and disappoint others, and prefers to stay out of the way if possible. She likes having a mission to do, but is much more comfortable anticipating what needs to be done and finishing the task quietly, rather than being ordered around. If anyone raises their voice toward her, or starts to correct or criticize what she has done (even if meant and done in a kind way), Tengii gets self-conscious and anxious, sometimes to the point of panic attacks.

It takes her a very long time to warm up to people, but once she does, Tengii becomes much more animated and talkative, having no problems chatting on about things she knows. She loves to read and share what she's learned with others, and is delighted to engage in creative and thoughtful discussions. However, she disdains close-minded people and will not waste her time attempting to debate people who clearly have no intention of respectfully considering her point-of-view. She giggles frequently, loves the colors purple and pink, and is relatively naive, to the point that innuendos and dirty jokes go completely over her head. (But if someone laughs at her for this, or explains it to her, Tengii becomes briefly embarrassed, before it morphs into swift fury, at which point she will berate or even smack the person in question for being "disgusting.") Though not exactly a prude, sexuality both confuses her and garners her disdain; she was trained from a young age to look down on such feelings and only devote her attention to her duties as a dinomancer.

Her shapeshifting abilities, and the forms she can take, were always taught to be mere tools meant only for the glory of the Zandalari empire. But after meeting the druids of the tauren and Darkspear trolls, Tengii has reconsidered this view, and is training to become closer to nature and the creatures she calls upon. Reconnecting with Zandalar once again has also aided her, for now she has a new path to consider--becoming devoted to the raptor Loa, Gonk.

Physical Appearance:

A young Zandalari troll, who still retains a bit of childish features in her face, having not yet grown out of them. She is has teal-colored skin with hardened, rock-like "scales" across her body and under her eyes, as is a typical feature in Zandalari. Her arms have elaborate gold tattoos from mid-upper arm down to her forearms; the symbols indicate the caste she was placed into. Wears her long pink hair in several braids and leaves the rest loose down her back. Glowing light blue eyes, about 7'0".

She likes to wear clothing in pink and/or purple, though anything with gold on it also makes her happy. She has a small gold gauge in each earlobe, and a large gold collar around her neck. As a child, this showed her subservience to the will of Zul and the dinomancer instructors. (Most Zandalari who wear such a collar usually cite it as a piece of jewelry that shows pride in subservience only to a chosen Loa or to the king/queen of Zandalar, though the dinomancers twisted this to their favor when teaching Tengii and her classmates.) Though it is not the same collar, and she is no longer obligated to wear one, she feels vulnerable and naked without it, so her friends in the Horde reforged it as she aged and crafted it to be unique to her.

Her druid forms (ankylodon, sabertusk, pteranodon, mosasaur, and raptor) all tend to be light green and/or teal-green in their primary colors.


As a child, Tengii was taken away from her parents at a very young age (as is common in Zandalari society) and placed into communal care, where she was raised until she was old enough to have a caste chosen for her. The priests sensed she had a great potential for connecting with the spirits of animals, and she was given into the care of the dinomancers--a class of Zandalari trolls who bonded with dinosaurs and tamed them for use in everyday life. Some of these dinomancers could even master magic that let them shapeshift into dinosaurs as well.

Tengii grew up learning the ways of the dinomancer diligently, but her teachers were harsh, and subjected the young children to brutal training. Though such treatment made Tengii fearful, she still managed to perform excellently, which pleased her instructors. Eventually, her teachers came under the sway of the prophet Zul, who had seen visions of the Zandalari Empire collapsing if something was not done about it. One of his attempts to save the trolls involved a faction of Zandalari traveling to the revealed continent of Pandaria, and allying with the mogu in order to resurrect the Thunder King, Lei Shen. With the mighty king's power, surely the Zandalari would rise to its former glory once again.

Zul ordered many of these Zandalari followers to a place known as the Isle of Giants, where enormous dinosaurs roamed; the goal was to capture and tame them for the Zandalari war machine. Though only a young teenager, Tengii was among the dinomancers that traveled there. Her experiences were shocking and unlike anything she'd had to face before; the dinomancers, with no time to bond with the creatures in a traditional way, used dark and terrible magics to force the dinosaurs under their sway, something that Tengii thought abhorrent. She was largely ignored by the older Zandalari, who were under pressure to control the dinosaurs and fend off enemies (the Horde, Alliance, and Pandaren from the mainland) who wanted to stop them. Eventually the chain of command broke down as the Zandalari forces were killed off by these champions; Tengii found herself forgotten and abandoned in the bowels of the Zandalari ship she had arrived on. She was too scared to go out lest she encounter hostile enemies or wild, uncontrollable dinosaurs, and she couldn't be too sure she could trust her fellow Zandalari anymore, either--many of them had grown mad and dangerous with the stress of their situation. 

One day, Tengii awoke, hungry and miserable, to the sounds of combat on the decks above; some enemies were coming! She cowered under a table as she heard the sounds of battle, of the other Zandalari aboard the ship being slain by unseen foes. Then her heart pounded as she heard footsteps coming down below decks. Strange voices were heard, and the footsteps came closer... closer... As they entered the room, Tengii tried bravely to ambush them with a knife, but she was easily subdued by a large, muscular orc. She struggled in his grasp, but was surprised when she heard a vaguely familiar language; before her stood a Darkspear troll, looking surprised and attempting to speak to her in the troll language. However, their dialects were quite different, and Tengii was terrified. They only were able to exchange a few words before the orc and troll began to talk to one another. Despite Tengii's protests, they carried her off the ship, then eventually to one of their own vessels. As the boat sailed away, Tengii became inconsolable, for she was certain she would be taken away to a horrible place and killed.

However, she eventually came to the tauren city of Thunder Bluff in Kalimdor, and brought before a female troll named Raniaz. The Horde was in the midst of an uprising against their cruel warchief, Garrosh Hellscream, and Raniaz was involved in healing and aiding others displaced by the conflict. She was shocked to see Tengii, as she only knew about the Zandalari what she was told in stories. Nonetheless, Raniaz vowed to help Tengii, and began to care for her. The two eventually learned one another's languages and dialects, and Tengii came to understand that she was not going to be harmed. In fact, as time went by and things settled down, she realized that she liked being there with Raniaz much more than she did being under the cruel dinomancer instructors. She began to learn from the Darkspear and tauren druids, expanding her knowledge and honing her already-existing dinomancer skills.

A few years passed, and Tengii grew into a beautiful young adult. Though she had largely stayed out of the many wars and conflicts thus far, preferring to contribute and aid people close to home, she knew she could not stay idle once she learned that the Horde was allying with the Zandalari. While it was difficult to leave her home and loved ones, especially Raniaz, Tengii knew she had to return to Zandalar, the land of her birth. Despite her experiences with her dinomancer instructors, she still loves her people, and is eager to return and meet old friends once again.

Tengii is my Zandalari troll druid character that I have created in the game World of Warcraft. Her story, name, and concept are my own, but she is based in the world of Blizzard's making.

All Warcraft concepts, designs, names, settings, and story are copyrighted to Blizzard. I'm just a fan who is borrowing them for fun, and do not make any profit from my use of these ideas.