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Basic Info

Classified File

Genetic Chimera Experiment Subject #6

Species Genetics

Fennec Fox, Fish Crow, Kingsnake, Sphinx Moth

Primary Personality

Submissive, childish, friendly, sweet, shy, innocent

Alternate Personality

Dominant, aggressive, territorial, confident, brave, mad


A chimera is an experiment in genetic manipulation and the combination of species. Experimental Subject Six was crafted in a government laboratory from varying deoxyribonucleic acid genetic information comprised of Vulpes zerda, Corvus ossifragus, Lampropeltis getula, and Agrius cingulata.

Subject Six, eventually named Hazard, displayed high intelligence while completing exercises, though it was noted that her reflexes and other senses were slow and severely diminished, something thought to be a side effect of mutation. Although a little creepy in appearance, the tiny creature was said to be adorable and affectionate.

However, when she began to mature, her personality seemed to dramatically fluctuate for no apparent reason. She developed a frightening ability to concentrate solar energy into fragmented lightning. At one moment she would behave as a sweet child, and the next as if in violent confusion. The scientists who created her called these two sides of her personality 'Six' and 'Sin'.

Promptly, a decision to release her from further experiments was made. A theory holds that Hazard simply lost her mind from deterioration caused by the genetic manipulation, but, since her mental fragmentation, nobody has bothered to study her closely enough to be sure of the true cause.