11 months, 24 days ago


Name:  Elsie Zerda

Age:   24

Height:   158cms

Gender:  Female

Sexuality:   Lesbian

Ethnicity:  I will come back to this i don't know where she's from

Relationships: Jolanda Bos, Eggle Egglington, Jodie Bombus

Elsie is a very sweet, soft girl...
Who likes to play very loud screamo and heavy rock metal.

She plays in a band, "Starion" which is indeed a metal band. She plays the drums and other percussion instruments.
Elsie is studying Music in college! She definitely wants a music based career. She likes to blast her songs when she thinks no one is in the apartment.
She's a very sweet and friendly person. She's the type of person who'd help old ladies cross the street and stop to watch ducks crossing with amazement. She's very helpful! She always does her best to make her friends happy! She helps out as best as she can in every situation. She's a very empathetic person, with a lot of compassion for everyone around her.

She can keep secrets! She's very good at that. Unlike Jolanda, she's actually very well known for keeping secrets and never spilling them.

When Elsie is not busy playing on the drums, she's out with her squadron. She can be seen out wrecking things putting things back together with Jolanda, Jodie and Eggle on Friday nights. Good times are had.

She likes musicals and when she's not playing her heavy rock screamo music, she's singing songs from musicals.

- I created Elsie after I saw a challenge to make the "softest uwu pure" character out of your shuffled songs. The song I got for her was... This...