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Name:  Jodie Bombus

Alias: DM

Age:   23

Height:   165cms

Gender:  Non binary, they/them

Sexuality:   Bisexual

Ethnicity:  Belgian

Relationships:  Eggle Egglington, Elsie Zerda, Jolanda Bos, Erik Rasmussen-Aurand, Olek Wójcik

“Well! Enjoy your little surprise! Thank you, goodbye and goodnight. Hugs and kisses. Blessings, love from Jodie!”

Jodie is absolutely outrageous.
Dramatic and over the top, they love making mountains out of molehills. They say what they want and they just roll with it. Their confidence is through the absolute roof and they DO NOT care what you think of them.

Unless you are their girlfriend. Then they care. They're in a permanent, "Wow I love my GF" mode

Jodie takes the initiative and is the type of person to helpfully talk for a shy person. They mean well, and they want to see their friends succeed. It's just that they do not like taking no for an answer and they will intervene whether you want them to or not.

Like their girlfriend, Jodie's a little bit odd. In their free time they like wearing literal suits of shining armour and pretending that they're a knight coming to save their princess. Yes, this happens in night clubs. It's exhilarating.
They're part of a club called E.G.G. Nobody knows what it means. Nobody wants to know what it means.

Jodie works in the same retail shop as Erik and is the reason for most of the things that happen to him in 2012-2013. Not that he's mad, he's glad that they intervened but wow, they sure made it very dramatic. They like planning things for their friends and really does only mean the best for them!

They have many mysterious connections. Who knows where they came from. No one knows, perhaps it's a better thing that you do not know.

Jodie doesn't go to college, but in their spare time they like to study up history and other languages. They have a different history topic each month. It's admirable. They're always learning languages. Jodie intends to become the ultimate polyglot

- Jodie is a polyglot. They can speak Dutch, French, English, Swedish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Latin. No one knows why or how. They just can. They're in the middle of learning Polish, Japanese and Korean, just because.
- JODIE LOVES THIS SONG. Is always singing it with their girlfriend
- They thoroughly enjoy French musicals
- And holds fine appreciation for classical music

Jodie has an extremely supportive family. Their parents love them very much and they are just as wild and zany as them. One could say they got their outrageousness from their parents. The Bombus family line has always been a bit dramatic.