Igakki Shantaji




Igakki Shantaji
Once upon a time..

Age Seventeen
Pronouns He/him
Orientation Asexual Biromantic
Talent Fairytale Enthusiast
Zodiac Libra
Alignment Chaotic Good
Height 5'1" ft
Status Unknown

ornate design cryptids and mysteries fairy academia medicine bottles wall clocks old books sharp teeth old necklaces fantasies

  • warm clothing
  • conspiracy theories
  • orante design
  • receiving compliments
  • dried flowers
  • being underestimated
  • old books
  • the government
  • suspicious activity
  • unexpected sounds
  • forests & woodland
  • bright lights
  • closed spaces
  • harsh criticism
  • meticulous
  • punctual
  • attentive
  • empathetic
  • humble
  • sensitive
  • impulsive
  • confrontational
  • selfish
  • cowardly
Design Notes;

  • Igakki's teeth are rather jagged all the way around. He's practically got shark teeth.
  • Always has sullen and tired eyes.
  • He wears a pair of accessorized, medical contacts. His natural eye color is a pale, light blue.
  • Igakki's most disheveled feature is most likely his hair. Despite how attentive he is with his hair, it doesn't seem to stay in place.
  • His resting expressions still manage to look stressed and high-strung. It's unlikely to see him wearing an expression anything but.
  • Igakki's clothing is a bit large for his small statue. He keeps his sleeves hiked up with pins and the like.
  • The scarf he wears is handmade, given to him by his sister. It's a lot longer than most would be.

  • Naturally yet horribly clumsy, prone to tripping over his own two feet when unattended to.
  • The above is mostly due to how caught up in his head he tends to get, so much so he loses focus on his surroundings at times.
  • His voice is scratchy and tends to tremble when he speaks due to overuse.
  • He has Essential tremor, contributing to his general shaky demeanor. He's gotten used to this over time and has adjusted acordingly.
  • Igakki has Albinism, contributing to his natural hair color. His eyes are naturally light blue due to this, they only appear as vibrantly red as they are due to his contacts.
  • This contributes to why he remains as covered up as he does, as does his aversion to bright lights.
  • On some occassions, he utilizes a White cane.
  • Igakki is a daydreamer at heart, often finding himself lost in the fantasy worlds that have made their home in his mind.
  • They're more calming to him than any external force could ever truly hope to be.

  • Favorite Color: Sunset orange
  • Favorite Beverage: Sakura Sencha Tea
  • Favorite Food: Matcha Cream Dorayaki
  • Favorite Season: Spring
  • Favorite Scent: Freshly printed books
  • Favorite Music Genre: Classical
  • Favorite Animal: Birds; Budgies in specific
Round fates;

  • Danganronpa: Welcome To OFF S1: Survivor
  • SW Files: Unfinished
  • Future Hope Reformatory: Ch. 1; Victim

Don't Call Me At All

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The Front Bottoms

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Defiance, Ohio

Masterpiece Theatre III
Marianas Trench

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