Julian Resso



4 years, 7 months ago


The faint scent of chemicals, of rubbing alcohol and CK1 is all that precedes the firm and sudden hand upon shoulder in the dark lab hall, accompanied by a far too low and close, "Going somewhere?"

► A handsome biochemist, smug and amused.  Julian Resso may seem casual in his mannerisms, but make no mistake- his wit is just as sharp as the syringes he occasionally makes use of.  Though quick tempered and easily affronted at perceived slights, he can be quite patient when he wants to be- largely in his labwork, and..  other pursuits. Fond of casual swearing, subtly clever yet ominous remarks and his own smartass humor, the man is charming in his own right; he often has an air of subtle amusement when speaking, and even moreso when he has the upper hand.

Generally seen as arrogant or a bit of (a  lot of) a jerk by those who encounter him, few get close, or want to-  but he values loyalty and there is a warm side hidden beneath the  surface, and a quiet sentimentality that's oft left for private thought- the man is deeper and more emotionally vulnerable than he lets on.

► Highly adept in his field, his focus often falls on that which induces a status effect-  he's best known for his work on a shapeshifting-inhibitor drug, as well as its relative, a shift-promoter- but you'd be surprised how often a sedative may be found tucked into in his labcoat pocket, as a few unfortunate subjects wandering places they oughtn't have found out. Is he supposed to take on the role of lab security? Absolutely not, but at an intimidating 6'2 and with the occasional urge to be a spooky jerk, few are going to stop him- especially when he generally only picks encounters he's fairly sure he can win. 

They quickly  find that at best, they've got a smug bastard calmly on their trail, amused and enjoying the reactions that a glint of metal syringe nets in dim lab lighting paired with casual, terrible quips- and at worst, his  truly angry tones dip low, quiet and serious, a fast and stern grab of the arm a bit roughly for the inconvenience. He won't cause any real harm, he has his morals- but then, since when did a quick, sharp pang and chemically induced nap hurt anyone?

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