PEPSI COLA's Comments

I think by far this is my fav design I ever made ngl

if you ever sell id buy him back lol

I don't plan on that any time soon. I absolutely love this boy! 

I'm glad :)

its great to see my kid get some lovins
thanks for takin care of them♥

No Problem. Me and friends have been taking great care of him. He also was part of a project I did for class. 


This kiddo is so cute and funny, I love to see the images you submit of them, they are so cute!

Thanks so much! 

Hey there! Could I possibly offer $15 dollars for this bean? (Also would it be okay if it was also co-owned by a few people; enveycat , littlebirby , and myself?) Thank you!

Heyo, sorry for the late response. I'll take this, and yeah you can share the character :)
Who will I be sending it to?
(paylink: )

I sent the money over. and you can send the character to me

Sent♥ Tysm, give them lots of love for me

We will! Me and my friends are super excited to be the new owners of this baby 


this is so great.

Lmao! What are you thinking for this guy? I'd love him

suuuuper skittish on anything but mostly probably USD/ and or hq character trades

Oh good god I love it XD