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Name Raiki Kurama
Age Various (29 current)
Height 5'9 (Adult)
Build Toned
Village Kumogakure
Pronouns He/Him
Orient. Pan
Occupation Akatsuki (former)
Clan Chinoike + Kurama
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Voiceclaim Raiki's Voice
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Designer SIeepyBear
CSS Pinky

My baby boy... Former Akatsuki member who currently lives in Kumogakure with his husband. Past incidents in his life have tempered and hardened both his mental state and skills, and as a result he is ridiculously strong.




🥚 Boiled eggs

🐥 Chicks

💆🏻‍♂️ Someone playing/massaging his hair or head. He gets very drowsy and relaxed, and will probably literally start purring after a long enough interval

📖 Reading, roleplaying, listening to stories, and drawing. Though as he matures, he tends to do these less outwardly.

Crop tops


Anything involving a high-risk factor, a good challenge

♨️ Long baths, hot springs, swimming, and bodies of water in general

🛌 Sleep... and lots of it.

🍱 Cooking, making food for others.

💁🏻‍♂ Being asked for advice --especially if it involves hair or clothes-- then later seeing someone taking said advice

🐸 Fat David

Shinsen ♥♥︎♥


Being asked to repeat what he said

Being talked over

Unsolicited physical contact

Being jealous. He berates himself for the feeling

Feeling helpless

Having bad dreams, bad omens, and especially the Sharingan and similar Dojutsu. Has a terrible reaction to Mangekyō Sharingan, as it causes his two personas to fight and often overwhelm the other

Having his fashion sense questioned

Someone insulting his friends and peers

Not being able to fall asleep

Being sticky, or the feeling of having something under his nails. Not having them trimmed.

Having oily or dirty hair, or something stuck in it



The relationship of Raiki's parents was not that of a typical couple, but that of convenience. His mother, Haruka Chinoiki, and father, Ichiro Kurama, were the last of their respective clans. In an attempt to salvage the bloodline's Kekkei Genkai, the two bore a single son, after many failed attempts of conception. To their incredulity, yet utmost relief, the child carried signs of inheriting both generations' Kekkei Genkai, a happening almost unheard of. The two took it upon themselves to supervise and train Raiki, treating him more of a sacred heirloom than a son. This resulted in a very sheltered and silver-spoon upbringing.

Unfortunately, such great gifts do not come without a price. The dominance of two very powerful Kekkei Genkai in a single individual turned out to be more than the couple bargained for. From a very young age, Raiki had good mastery over Lightning Release and the Kurama Genjutsu. Though Raiki's initial desctructiveness could simply be ascribed to the usual ruinous behaviors of a toddler, it quickly became apparant as he grew older that this was not the case.

With an overimaginative mind, aided by his ability to create illusions and control those around him, Raiki would often be found in the middle of a "narrative", an unintentional hypnotism that created a quite literal stage where all his fantasies became reality. In addition to this, Raiki's character would often drastically shift to mimic his role in his tales. His personality would change to match suit, playing the part with jutsu or very exaggerated happenings that greatly interfered with real events. It soon became clear that Raiki had a personality complex --in part due to the Kekkei Genkai he carried-- and his parents could not go on letting him perform his plays in such a manner: his jutsu needed to be regulated.

Isolating him from the rest of the world, Ichiro and Haruka made certain not to have any events stimulate the child's emotions or imagination, as these seemed to be the trigger to his jutsu. It took rigorous and often forceful discipline to keep the child down to earth. Though the number of accidents fortunately dwindled, so did Raiki's emotional and social understanding of the world, becoming more of a tolerance than a presence. However, the couple did not want his jutsu to go to waste and, seeing as they were unable to train him themselves, made the decision to enroll him in the Hidden Cloud's Ninja Academy.


Upon being sent to the academy, Raiki's parents inform the staff from the get-go of Raiki's condition and the need for special supervision. Raiki would often sit in the back of the class, quiet and isolated from the rest of the children, for fear that interaction may trigger an emotional outburst. He remained this way most of his early school years, humbly avoiding any social opportunities, yet observing from afar. However, Raiki excelled perfectly well --outstandingly, in fact-- in most of his training, so the collective young minds began to mistake his silence and reluctance to speak with others for cockiness and condescendence. This painted an unfortunate picture in the minds of others, and placed an even thicker barrier between them.

It wasn't until Shinsen, a transfer student in Raiki's class, caught his eye in particular. Shinsen was immidiately the talk of the class, turning heads with his carefree attitude and silly antiques, constantly breaking rules (intentionally or oherwise) and earning himself the title of class clown. Raiki was very intrigued by this individual: How could this guy be so fearless? He can do whatever he wants, and is unafraid of consequences: something Raiki never had. After a few days in his new class however, it became apparant Shinsen was more bark than bite; he was quite clumsy, and technically and physically inept in his jutsu, despite the techniques inhereted by his clan.

Oftentimes, when Raiki was returning from class, he would find Shinsen alone, practicing Lightning Release, the Hidden Cloud's signature jutsu. Every day, when on the path back home, Raiki spotted Shinsen tiring himself at an attempt to electrify even a single tree. Intrigued by this new kid --one of the very few who didn't whisper suspicions and jibes behind his back-- Raiki mustered the courage to talk to him and offer him his help, after warring with himself on weather or not this was a good idea. It proved to be the former, and Shinsen, very appreciative Raiki's help, quickly became interested in him as well. Shinsen offered his support in return, and the two rapidly grew close, beginning to spend more time together in and out of class: sharing snacks and stationery, walking home after school, and staying over at each others' houses. They would go on missions together, have shared meals, dare each other to do ridiculous things... Shinsen stood to be Raiki's sort of role model: loud, over-exuberant, showy, but most of all unafraid, Raiki aspired to be like him and his ability to have fun. Shinsen did not see Raiki as some dangerous kid, but a brother in arms. The two became inseperable, Raiki's incidents a thing of the past.It didn't take long for their friendship to blossom, each hanging on to the person they called their only friend.

Young Adult

Over the years, the two become exceptionally close, with Shinsen inspiring Raiki to be confident enough to do his own thing. Ever since a young age, Raiki had been attracted to Shinsen's risky behavior as a sort of reverse psychological effect of his upbringing, and the two continue to spend a lot of time together. Raiki now has his jutsu under better control, and has developed a full handle of the Ketsuryūgan. He has become exceptionally good in his craft, showing great promise in his jutsu and technique. Despite this however, he still fails a few classes due to his lack of control over his chakra, and will often ask Shinsen for help to teach him things as well. The two share a healthy relationship of give and take learning and camraderie.

One day when undertaking a dangerous mission, both of their lives were greatly compromised, and despite Raiki managing to get both of them out alive, he berates himsemf for not having had the ability to protect them better. Seeking to hone his abilities even further and obtain greater power for the sake of caring for his friend, Raiki swallows his pride and asks for his parents to train him in the ways of his jutsu. Finally pleased at the thought that he wants to learn about his heritage and better his kekkei genkai, they agree to help him. After some really hard work (and having to deal with the strictness of their training), he now has a repertoire of techniques to pull from. With this came confidence and strength, though it did not come without repercussions.

Raiki became so concerned with getting more powerful to look out for the both of them, things began to get questionable and unstable, losing sight of just how he was doing. it With power comes the imbalance of his personas: as the second exists solely to regulate the limit of his strength, he'd be feeding that second ego without realizing. It'd start to resurface after a long few years of being silent.

It isn't before long that one day, Raiki is approached alone by a man in a straw hat and a flowing black robe. Seeing the potential of Raiki and his Kekkei Genkai, the last of his kind, the Akatsuki saught to add him to their ranks. The man whispers of how its unfair for him to have endured such discrimination when he should have been glorified for his abilities. How his whole life he's been shackled when he could be free of these chains. Why would you rather hurt yourself than hurt others? He's seen how happy and carefree Shinsen is. Why cant you be like him?

At first Raiki adamantly refuses this. But alone in his room, late at night, he ponders the question: this obviously makes him very conflicted-- and he spends a good while thinking about this. Ultimately, Raiki comes to the decision that this isn't what he wants. What he DOES want is to be just as good as Shinsen: to prove he can handle himself and his abilities on his own, while being just as carefree about it. To demonstrate this, Raiki decides to train even harder, to better himself for the both of them and be recognized as capable by his peers.

However, when the time came, it was not under the circumstances Raiki had anticipated. It was a minor remark. A backhand comment directed towards Shinsen by another that came as an afterthought. But it was enough to set Raiki off. Getting carried away, and trying to perform the Ketsuryūgan, Kurama genjutsu AND lightning release all at the same time to emphasize he had mastery of his abilities did not end well in the slightest. With the combination of an iron manipulation technique, lightning strikes, and the ability to turn illusion to reality all in play, it caused a massive catastrophe, and ultimately caused his own body to be the one large medium for the conducting of this horrible symphony of an accident.

Lightning rained down on him from above, burning his body to a crisp as he yelled out in agony. Not only did his blood boil and burst, but he lost both his legs that acted as the circuit to the ground, as well as the arm that performed the jutsu. The electric shock and intense chakra release struck his face as well, taking the sight of his left eye and discolored his hair, marring it forever.

A bloody mess of a charred stump, literally on death's doorstep, there was no way he should have survived... however, the same Akatsuki member that had previously attempted to entice him with sweet words swooped him up, not wanting his rare jutsu and potential to go to waste... and mechanically rebuilt half his body. Raiki, after recovering from a coma for several weeks, awakens alone in a small abode in the outskirts of Kumogakure. He sees his body, and is very emotionally confused and taxed, and begins to have another meltdown. Raiki has the wake up call that this isn't ok. He can't bear to see Shinsen after this, welled with guilt and shame. Starts fearing even himself, and says it's safer for the village if he wasn't in it. After realizing and coming to terms with what he'd done, Raiki decides he cant go on like this in the village, and it would be better for himself and everyone if he had left. After years of hard work, he is still unable to control his jutsu, or truly be himself, constantly walking on eggshells. He thinks about what the Akatsuki had told him-- how he could do has he pleases, and away from the harm of others-- for both them and himself's sake. Now, the Akatsuki also self-proclaim they are enforcers of a new peace, so Raiki views this as the potential for a new world where people don't have to suffer as he did. Deciding to take them up on their offer, seeing it as the best possible choice, Raiki makes his final decision. He leaves a few personal items and a small, vague note on Shinsen's doorstep, and promptly leaves the village for the last time. It reads: "I'm sorry. Don't come looking for me."


Every day Raiki and Shinsen are not together, Raiki is missing him. However, he's so concerned that if he's in his presence, he'll bring him harm. Days pass, and slowly, he starts to forget who he is. He puts Shinsen out of his mind for his own safety, and gives the reigns to the second persona, going to sleep for what feels like years in the back of his mind. If he's not thinking about him, he's safe...

Over time unfortunately, being away from Shinsen--who acted as Raiki's anchor--as well as several other factors such as being left to his own devices, Raiki was quite literally able to do as he pleased: his second personality tied to the Kekkei Genkai eventually overcame the other, and his ideals became warped to those of new the peers around him. Already a chameleon in personality and presentation, it didn't take long for him to change, though he's not aware of the right and wrongs of this. Just as he was several years ago as a child, he's just as clueless. To him, the world is a stage, and this is only another act in his grand play.

Thanks to the lack of restraint and tasks put to him, Raiki was able to drastically hone his jutsu, fully mastering the Ketsuryūgan, Yin and Lightning Release, and Kurama's genjutsu, among other things, unlike ever before without the limitations the academy and his parents set on him. In the span of three years, Raiki became well-known as an S-rank outlaw, unaware that someone, somewhere, was out looking for him, hoping to bring him home...

In the event Shinsen and Raiki have their penultimate fateful encounter, Shinsen may have trouble finding the Raiki he once knew. In Raiki's displays of capriciousness, somewhere underneath is a small voice pleading for air in the drowned recesses of his mind. And yet, yet... It is ultimately up to Shinsen to write the closing chapter of this story. Will Shinsen succeed in returning Raiki to his true home, or will the curtain close on this final act?




As an adult:

  • Can manipulate iron-high content. This power makes him very dangerous at close-range due to the high iron levels in blood. May use this to his advantage to act as lightning rods for his attacks. For such liquids exposed to the area, he can manipulate in a variety of malleable ways. This can be done through direct contact, or simply looking at the object in questoin. Once eye contact is made when the Ketsuryūgan is active, it is difficult to break away.
  • Primary method of fighting is staking metal rods or katana around an area to use them to manipulate electric shocks. Can draw from the iron in the earth to shape these as well. May throw kunai to latch them to objects to act as points for his lightning to travel to.
  • Can control another person by bending the blood in their body. Cutting the opponent allows him to seep chakra flow into the wound and deal damage. Can boil the blood as well. Can also smear his blood on objects or in water to have control over them.
  • Is able to create illusions in an opponents mind that can eventually become real, trapping them and essentially harming them in the process to suit his needs. May act similar to the Mangekyō Sharingan in some cases.
  • Can create magnetic fields as well as regulate air pressure.
  • His metal body lends to the manipulation of lightning as well. Some of the parts on his arms, legs and chest can change shape as well and act as weapons or discharge electricity.
  • A long range fighter, Raiki is not particularly efficient at Taijutsu, but is good enough to hold his own.
  • By combining the Ketsuryūgan and Kurama Genjutsu, Raiki can create a form of hypnotism to have an opponent bend to his will.
  • By making skin-contact with his target, he can alter their appearance or make them explode.
  • Blood Dragon Ascension
  • Able to cure and remove poisons from others.
  • Can disable an opponent's dojutsu by halting bloodflow to their eyes, though its difficult because this requires he look at them first. This makes it almost impossible to use against the Mangekyō Sharingan.
  • Such powerful Dojutsu doesn't come without repercussions, however. Excessive use of the Ketsuryūgan depletes an enormous amount of chakra, and puts great strain on his eyes. In the case of overuse, they may start to bleed and his vision becomes blurry, albeit not permanently.


  • Able to see chakra, as well as its flow within the body and the activated tenketsu of the Eight Gates.
  • Deva Path: Banshō Ten'in, Control over attractive and repulsive forces (like a gravitational field)
  • Preta Path: Is able to absorb ninjutsu-based techniques that are pure chakra or chakra based, thereby nullifying their effect. This is done by forming a barrier around the user's entire body, allowing them to absorb attacks from all directions.



The most prominant feature of Raiki's is the striking color of his scarlet hair, which is all the more emphasized against a pinkish face and mild blue eyes: traits that carry on throughout his future years.

As a child, his hair cups a gentle face and falls just below his jaw. Over the course of time, it eventually drapes in locks over his shoulders, before being singed off ungraciously due to a violent accident and losing its vibrant coloration, fading to an insipid white.

Following the events of his unfortunate incident, all that remains of the left side of Raiki's is a withered and scorched mass, the charred remains of what used to be a body. The exception to this is his right arm and cheek, which were spared the devastation. Raiki's leftmost facial features are nothing short of brutally damaged beyond recognition, his entire jaw eaten by the flames, leaving a mere husk of a mouth--teeth and gums exposed to the eye-- an ear that appears as if been clawed by a wild animal, and a milky, slit of an eye nearly burnt shut. In this unfortunate state, it would be quite a challenge to recognize him unless you had been acquainted with him in the past, and quite well.

As opposed to the slight stature he carried in his earlier life, Raiki's figure is considerably more toned than the past --or at least what's left of it-- perhaps as a result of the intense requirements of the Akatsuki. The rather demure expression he once held in his earlier days is replaced by the stoic air of someone who's resigned to the belief that they've hit rock-bottom.

  • The burnt parts of Raiki's body are now replaced or covered by obsidian mech that can glow in vaious colors, mainly blue and red.
  • Raiki wears his headband around his neck, with the exception of when he rescinded it. It now sits on his chest out of view.
  • His left eye was previously cloudy and blind, with part of his left eyebrow missing as well. The eye however has been replaced with robot parts; now with a black sclera and glowing blue pupil that can change color to red.
  • Has ivory tooth earrings in both ears.
  • His right arm has many cuts and scars due to being hacked to draw blood for the Ketsuryūgan.


All who've met Raiki agree that there is no one set similar experience with the way he presents himself; to each person, he is a different individual. Though one thing in common everyone claims however, is that Raiki constantly has his head in the clouds.

The cause for this lends itself to Raiki's Kurama bloodline, which manifested in him since a young age, ultimately resulting in an (initially) rather mild personality complex. Due to the frightening power of his genjutsu, he is often unable to control it, resulting in his subconcious regulating it for him, and hence creating a second personality in control of that potency. This persona has threatened to take over several times, but Raiki has managed to keep it in check, especially after becoming acquaintences with Shinsen. At times, it is almost an afterthought, a mere ghost of a presence.

Raiki's primary personality is a rather timid but determined individual, who cares deeply and unconditionally about those who reciprocate the affection. Curious, aloof, excitable, spontaneous, caring, meek, determined, generous, yet fickle and capricious would all be sufficient descriptions. In his young adult years, Raiki developed a stronger personality and no longer displays a naive or gullible disposition, but still retains his more virtuous qualities. However, he is easily offended, and quick to anger in response to threats or taunts, especially if they concern the ones he cares about, often getting him into trouble. In times of deep stress, Raiki's double persona often fights for dominance in pressing situations to assume control.

Unfortunately, after leaving the Hidden Cloud, Raiki's leash on his second persona has been severed, and his barriers weaken to let in a more violent persona in exchange for power and total control over his jutsu. His second persona has all but overwhelmed his old one, and in times of high indulgence make him an exceptionally dangerous individual with no regards for human life. This rarely happens however, and most often triggers as a last resort to a fight he feels he might not win.

Currently, Raiki's old persona has begun to ebb, and is shed for a more stoic, quiet front of few words. He still has a tendency to not speak unless necessary, with a seeming disinterest in the people and things around him. Occasionally however, in times of a fighting "high", Raiki may display an almost ecstasy-like enjoyment of the battle, finally able to go all out without a need for the restrictions so tightly set on him as a child. Some of it may lend to the fact that what beats in his chest is no longer flesh and blood but coils and steam, though somewhere, deep down, a small voice pleads to be heard by those around him...

Perhaps Shinsen can aid his friend from the recesses of his own mind?


Upon returning to Kumogakure with Shinsen's aid, Raiki has gained a better footing on his emotional outburts, and they have worked together to combat his negative tendencies and habits. In a fortunate turn of events, Raiki has managed to absorb the second persona, ultimately eliminating any threat it had over his conciousness. However, since the two have merged to one, Raiki still retains a bit of its residual qualities, such as a cold outward front and sternness to strangers, a general apathy when fighting, or lack of judiciousness when harming an enemy. Despite this, he is still incredibly gentle and benevolent towards familiar faces, and is quick to fluster in the hands of the one he loves: easily placated if spoken to kindly.


  • Primary jutsu involve Lightning Release, the Ketsuryūgan, and Kurama Kekkei Genkai, and later, Yin Release. However, he only managed to fully develop his Ketsuryūgan at the age of 17.
  • His now-scratched headband is welded over the left side of his chest into his mech. "Home is where the heart is".
  • Hard of hearing, and tends to ask for a phrase to be repeated often.
  • Often zones out and daydreams a lot
  • Left-handed
  • Allergic to cats. Gets a runny nose and irritated eyes
  • Tics of his include fidgeting his legs, touching his chin often, rubbbing the ends of a paper between his fingers, rotating his headband a lot, and playing with the split ends of his hair.
  • Touches his nose when he's nervous or lying.
  • Drools in his sleep.
  • Tugs at his hair when he's agitated, angry or upset.
  • He can't feel anything in the entirity of his body except for the remaining flesh.
  • Has an irregular heartbeat: beats an extra third time.
  • Developed a high pain threshold after the incident.




[ Husband ]

Not only Raiki's role model, but closest friend and companion. The two are thick as theives, and would do anything with and for each other. They're always up to no good... but never with ill-will.

Now officially the gayest couple in all of Kumogakure. ️♡



[ Sensei ]

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[ relationship ]

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