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baby from the easter event :))

Original Creator Of Template Is Red The Shih-Tzu

•-^-•B A S I C•-^-•

•-Name-•: Shai

•-Past Names•: N/A

•-Pack-•: Central Forest (tbn)

•-Rank-•:  Magpie

•-Nickname(s)-•: N/A

•-Gender-•: Female

•-Age-•: 2 Years

•-Other-•: ////

•-Items-•: N/A

•-^-•F A M I L Y•-^-•

•-Mother-•: N/A

•-Father-•: N/A

•-Brother(s)-•: Ire

•-Sister(s)-•: N/A

•-Grandmother-•: N/A

•-Grandfather-•: N/A

•-Uncle(s)-•: N/A

•-Aunt(s)-•: N/A

•-Cousin(s)•-: N/A

•-Niece(s)-•: N/A

•-Nephew(s)-•: N/A

•-Mate-•: N/A

•-Son(s)-•: N/A

•-Daughter(s)-•: N/A

•-^-•P H Y S I C A L•-^-•

•Breed•: Bush Hound

Color(s): Black - #13111e, White - #e9e2da, Gold - #dbaa65, Red - #ad1315

•Base Coat Color•: Black

•Secondary Coat Color(s)•: White, red, gold

•Coat Length•: Medium/short

•Coat Texture•: Thick & soft

•Coat Pattern 1•: Underbelly, banded socks, inner ear

•Coat Pattern 1 Colors•: White

•Coat Pattern 2•: Jeweled bands, bottom of paws

•Coat Pattern 2 Colors•: Gold

•Ear Colors•: Black & white

•Ear Size•: Large, flopped

•Left Eye Color•: Red

•Right Eye Color•: Red

•Nose and Paw pad Color•: Black

•Weight•: 71 lb

•Height•: 2'6"

•Length•: 3'4"

I tried my best, numbers are not my strong suit

•Scars•: Small scar from tumbling chest-first into a mound of thorns

•Tears•: N/A

•Missing Parts•: N/A

•-^-•T R A I T S•-^-•

•Main Traits•: Cheery bab

•Positive Traits•:

•Negative Traits•:

•Likes•: Chewing petals, pulling plants from the ground, rolling down hills, dappled shade, strong breezes, hiding behind others, knocking loved ones to the dirt, eating flies, getting ears licked, shaking out fur, running on sand, crawling under others, digging for spiders, wasps

•Dislikes•: Hot sun, plants in her fur, tangles in her fur, dirt in her ears, being loud, tripping, tripping on her ears, snorting dirt, heavy snow, aggression, bees, losing leaves/berries, humidity, stagnant air, snapping turtles, full moons, illness of any sort

•Highly Likes•: Honey, chewing mint, potato bugs

•Highly Dislikes•: Thorns/splinters, human/industrial noises/smells

•-^-•M E N T A L•-^-•

•Best Memories•:

•Worst Memories•:

•Never Forgotten Memories•:

•Mistakes In Life•:

•Memory Scars•:

•Saddest Memories•:

•Funny Memories•:

•-^-•S K I L L S•-^-•

•Total Skill Points•: 74 / 150

•Running•: 7 / 10

•Swimming•: 6 / 10

•Smelling•: 7 / 10

•Jumping•: 4 / 10

•Hearing•: 5 / 10

•Digging Speed•: 4 / 10

•Tracking•: 4 / 10

•Hunting•: 3 / 10

•Obedience•: 3 / 10

•Aggression•: 2 / 10

•Friendliness•: 8 / 10

•Sanity•: 10 / 10

•Herbal Knowledge•: 7 / 10

•Mothering•: 4 / 10

•-^-•V O I C E•-^-•

•Accent•: Lilted

•Tone•: Mischievous

•Pitch•: Medium-high

•Howl•: Keening

•Growl•: Warbled

•Yelp•: Sharp

•Whine•: Sharp

•Low Bark•: Hoarse

•High Bark•: Shrill

•Medium Bark•: Pleasant

•-^-•B A C K S T O R Y•-^-•

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