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300 Years ✦ Male ✦ Gaiomon-VictoryGreymon-Hybrid

"Does it really matter if your a Hybrid or Pure-blooded! I don't care about this! I am who I am!."


Kuro is maybe an adult but often acts very childish. This often occurs when he is close to Shiro. But when he is needed he uses everything he's got. Changes when the infection of Apocalymon kicks in, he turns into a vicious beast and isn't easy to control in this state and even more uneasy to calm down.


Kuro has an average body build. He is slightly more muscular on his arms and chest. He also has a six-pack at his abdomen. His mane is, instead of a snow-white color, more a darker silver. In the strains that are visible in front of his chest, he has a ring with digi-runes engraved into it, mainly symbolizing his status as a royal. Around his neck, he wears a necklace made out of violet beads, which mainly solves as prevention of his infection, although it weakens more and more after each control lose. He wears a standard dark-gray hakama. On his chest, he wears an as'ma green tribal tattoo, which also includes parts of his shoulders. The tattoos existed since he was born, the reason why he has them is unknown. He is also signed with scars of his past. One huge scar on his back from a shot. One scar on his left shoulder to the scar on his back. And one at his abdomen, which was caused by the Dramon Killers of a WarGreymon. When the infection kicks in his sclera turn red, the iris turns blue and the pupil white. He also tends to show is fangs more often, when controlled by the infection.

  • Foods
  • His Friends
  • Shiro
  • Traveling
  • The remembrance of his mother
  • His older Half-Brother
  • Getting easily ill in a weakened state
  • The Enemies of his past
  • Slayer; a male Slayerdramon
  • Being called a bastard, due to him being a Hybrid


Kuro was born in the winter month to a female VictoryGreymon and a male Gaiomon, making him the first Digimon Hybrid to the very time. But this also caused trouble for him. He never was excepted in the range of the Greymon line and the Gaiomon line. He often was teased by the other children in the village he lived in. His mother died when he was 5 years old, he never knew his father and never saw his face. Since then he lived for the next 245 years on his own and never trusted anybody ever again. But after he came to a new village, where he heard of the Holy Jewel and wanted to steal it in order to get rid of his unpure blood. But he fell in love with the protector of the jewel "The Tear of Yggdrasil" Shiki. After some time he didn't care about the jewel and even about his unpure blood. But after both had been betrayed by Naraku. Shiki was badly wounded by Amon in Kuro's appearance, on the other hand, was Kuro attacked by him in Shiki's appearance. Both then felt only hatred for each other. As Kuro than tried to steal the jewel, he was pinned by Shiki on an old tree for 50 years.

Virus Infection

Since he was born it was known that he was infected by a Virus created from the Digimon known as Apocalymon. The infection had been inactive until he reached maturity. First time of it kicking in resulted in bloody carnage where he had killed most of the Digimon that attacked him for being a Hybrid. He regained15325962_Olb4xSXsws6CSZX.png consciousness after it in just 10 minutes and didn't understand what happened. The beats around his neck serve as a protection against his infection. Although it weakens with each of his control loses more and more until they will break. His Virus Infection is still different from the normal infected ones. While the normal infected ones can infect another Digimon by hurting them with their claws, horns and through bitting (because the Virus also lurks in the saliva of the infected Digimon) the Digimon they attack they easy can spread the infection over and over and over again. Kuro instead had been born with the infection and lived with it for a very long time without even knowing of it himself. He can't spread the infection by attacking a Digimon, neither his claws, horns or his saliva are contaminated with it. He wouldn't even be able to spread the virus through sexual intercourse with any female. Kuro's virus infection normally kicks in when he has to battle in a weakened or wounded state (see picture). When in a wounded state and his body is at the brink of collapsing the virus slowly builds up within him until it breaks free. This sometimes happens immediately after being badly wounded or when poisoned it takes some amount of time for the virus to consume his mind and body. Even near-death experiences can trigger the virus to come forth. It sometimes happens that the virus maybe kicks in and his eyes change according to when he normally is not he anymore he will completely retain his consciousness and knows what he is doing and who is friend or enemy. This occasionally happens when he fights not for his life but is pushed to his bodies limit. When the virus infection is active it is boosting all of his capabilities. His speed, strength, aggression, durability is all increasing while pain, intellect, and emotion are decreasing. When in an infected state the only one that can bring him back to regain his consciousness and even become completely normal again is Shiro. Currently, it never happened that Kuro attacked any of his friends while being in an infected state. Kuro won about 10 of his battle while he was in his infected state. Many were won while he was kind of unconscious and his body and mind moved on a beastly instinct while the rest has been won while he was completely conscious and had also complete control over his entire body and mind. In other occasions, even a special atmosphere can trigger his infection to kick in and he either will or will not lose his mind.

Shiro [Mate]

Kuro has a very good relationship with Shiro. After traveling a lot together they became mates. They both realized their love for each other rather late but after spending more and more time together they realized their feelings.


Shiri [Former Mate]

Kuro and Shiri had an equally good relationship as he has now to Shiro. Shiri has been the former protector for a jewel called "The Tear of Yggdrasil". Shiri had died will protecting it.

Noir [Half-Brother]

Kuro and Noir may have the same father but they avoid at any cost to meet. When meeting each other it always turns out to become a fight between the two.

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