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Full Name: Vanessa

Age: 23

Birthdate: 12/15/1995

Gender: Female

Species: Horse

Breed: American Quarter

Mate: Hiro

Personality: Ness tends to be skeptical of new people, she's extremely protective of her baby sisters Valy and Vani, good-natured but can switch to defensive mode very quickly, has a good, albeit dark at times sense of humor, has a knack for inventing and mechanics like her mother, she looks delicate but she could deck you

Likes: Stars, space aesthetics, aliens, music, singing, fall, night time, driving, cloudy days, coffee, sleeping in, salty food, inventing, fixing things

Dislikes: Loud noises, mornings, hot weather, cooking, sudden movements, nightmares

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Anything salty like her

Nicknames: Ness (she likes being called this better than her full name), Nessy (only her sisters call her this), Van (only Hiro calls her this when Vani isn't around, otherwise it gets real confusing real quick)

Clothes: Ness usually wears a jacket like this

 Or an aviator jacket like this

Relationships: Valyarie, Vani, Ava, Asher, Maeve, Malibu, Avery, Felix, Tammy, Oliver, Ari, Jenni, Missy, 

Random Facts: 

~Since Nessa inherited a love for mechanics from her mother, she often does the repairs around the house. This has created a kind of role reversal in their home, since Hiro does the cooking and Ness does all the repairs, but neither of them care and often joke about it

~Princess is an ironic nickname that's a joke between Ness and Oli. Because of her misleadingly delicate exterior, people are surprised when they see her under a car covered in grease or when she decks someone

~Sometimes Ness has trouble showing affection, but she has her own special ways to show her family she cares

~She goes nonverbal when stressed and tends to pull her hair, she is getting better with this though

~Ness has what one could call a bit of an angsty past, so she tries to be thankful for everything and savor every moment, and she's happier than ever now

~She does still have the occasional nightmare, however, though her family always knows how to help her