💀 Name: Astrid Mortimer

💀 Age: ??? (At least 200, appears 40-ish)

💀 Pronouns: He / him

💀 Occupation: Memoria Groundskeeper

💀 Species: Church Grim

💀 Place of Living: Hallowed Forest

💀 Mahou Title: "...?"

💀 Magical Skills:

  • Grim Transformation — Astrid can access his true form, a monstrous black dog with glowing eyes, on command. His teeth and claws can rend through spectral enemies with ease. This form is more powerful on the three nights of the full moon.
    • Fear Inducement — Anyone who looks into the grim's eyes is instantly overwhelmed with fear and terror.
  • Mediumship — Astrid can easily see and converse with ghosts and spirits, and can tell at a glance if a given entity is malevolent or not. He can also — if the ghost was from a mortal — shove a ghost through the veil separating the living and the dead, essentially forcing them to pass on. This is extremely taxing for him and he will need to rest for at least a week to recover.

💀 Inventory:

  • Crystal — A chunk of magically inert quartz Astrid keeps in his pocket. It was his very first possession.
  • Scarf — A plain, soft blue scarf. Astrid wears it everywhere.

💀 Personality:

Astrid comes off as cool and suave, and possibly a bit creepy, and he has an unapproachable, mysterious air about him. This illusion starts cracking once you get to know him, as "weird and creepy" turns out to be "deeply, intensely shy". Astrid is actually very friendly and earnest but his social anxiety gets in the way, so he tries to keep his true feelings close to his chest. He takes his duties seriously and dislikes any change to his routine.

💀 Backstory:

Astrid was the spirit of a small town's graveyard, charged with protecting it from evil spirits and other ne'er-do-wells that may defile it. He watched over it faithfully, eventually becoming witness to the village's slow decline as a famine ravaged the town and its residents fled to greener pastures. He was left in the middle of the ghost town for decades.

As year after year passed he became convinced he was doomed sit in in the abandoned, crumbling graveyard forever... until a witch with too-white hair took pity on him and offered to break him out of his makeshift prison, no strings attached. He didn't expect for whatever she did to turn him human, but he absolutely was not complaining when he stepped beyond the graveyard gates for the first time. Astrid, feeling like he owed the witch a debt, then followed her to Mahou Wando and has kept her company ever since.

💀 Tidbits:

  • His birthday(?) is November 1.
  • He's 6' 2", with a skinny, can-almost-see-his-ribs build.
  • Astrid is absolutely fucking terrified of water.