[WIP] Vanadin Brighella's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

Sixthsun Global Rules

If you have any questions about something you'd like to do with an adopt or my art and you're unsure if its okay, please just leave a comment and I'll answer you asap. <3


 You may:  ( species info is different see below)

  Change adopts  to the sex/gender you prefer

  You may change the species of the adopt (ex: remove or alter animal parts, change them into feral form/make them into a fursona, turn it into a fan character)

 You may make any changes you want to the adopt even if it makes it unrecognizable from the original.

 You may trade adopts for art or other adopts.

 use in commercial works as long as I am credited for the design in that work.

 Create any type of artwork or stories for your adopted characters. You're free to give them any sexuality, identity, religion, background, or traits. ( It is completely okay if your views, opinions, and beliefs are different from mine!)

 Draw/Commission NSFW art of any characters adopted from me (intense gore, sexual images, fetish art, or anything else you can think of) . This includes any of my original species.

Note: The views of those who own my adopts do not necessarily represent or reflect my own views.


 Please do not: 

  Resell an adopt for more than you paid for it until you have drawn or commissioned extra art of that adopt. ( This includes all adopts I've done, even the older ones that say "do not resell" ) If you're in a dire situation feel free to message me for permission.


I will never revoke or take back an adopt to keep or resell. Once you have bought and paid for an adopt it is yours until you decide to give it away. This applies even if your account is shut down/deactivated for any reason.

The only time this does not apply is in the case of chargebacks or unwarranted refunds. If this happens the adopt will go back up for sale if no compromise/solution can be found.


Open Species:

I am officially making Inserma Open species adopts( meaning feel free to make your own), I don't have as much time to create them or to keep up with the group and I've finally come to the decision to open them up. Candineers are already open and will remain that way. Any existing Inserma can be altered in whatever way you want.

Closed Species:

For prismechs you're free to change clothes and modify the colors but the traits need to remain the same. They can identify as any gender or none it is up to you. Overall I'm not very picky about what you decide to do with them. There are no lore requirements.


My Artwork

I ask that you do not alter my artwork UNLESS you own it/paid for it(Ex: commissions, customs). If you need to change colors or add accessories I don't mind, all I ask is that you don't re-post it to any gallery sites like DA without noting me first. Feel free to post the edited versions to toyhouse or other character reference sites, you don't need my permission.

Design edits/Color changes: 

Feel free to ask me for edits or color changes to adopts or artwork you've received from me even if its years old. Chances are I either still have the PSD (I hoard them) or I'll be able to alter it for you in some other way. I will do simple changes for free. (For example, if you decided to add simple horns to your character and you have art from me without the horns. You're welcome to ask me to add them as long as they aren't insanely complex.)

Please do not ask me to completely redesign an old character or completely redo an old piece of art for free.