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Full name Hua 'Aukai
Age 16
Pronouns She/her
Resides in Taona Hema
OK I'm posting her because I wanted to post as her in Caine's weekly thread. I'll clean this up soon.
  • Easily distracted and not easily impressed. Having her in your class would be a good reason to put fireworks and spinny gifs on your Powerpoint slides.
  • Her default expression is a mix between permanently bored and silently annoyed, but this belies her personality: she's zealously supportive, and quite loud.
  • Look at her in class and you will probably catch her fiddling with her ruler, which has like a mini maze that you navigate with a ball bearing. Tell me this isn't the superior fidget toy
  • But her school conduct track record is stellar? How does she do it?
  • She does it by being able to divide her attention between things and being on her best behaviour when the teacher is looking.
  • Attends Havaiki West High School with Pala, Fen, Kerai, Yosefina and other students of less significance to the plot. Specifically, she's classmates with Pala and Yosefina.
  • Never met her biological mom, who passed before she was old enough to remember. Her dad is cool enough for two though.
  • She's significantly more famous & popular than any of the abovementioned students. Currently hoping to be elected into HWHS's resident Mysterious & Powerful Student Council.
  • She has fairly meaningful relationships with the main three especially. I don't know if it's spoilers. Emotional spoilers I suppose.
Pala Even though they've been classmates for a few months, Hua always thought Pala wasn't the sort to want to be surrounded by people. She was always kinda strange anyway, so she never tried getting close. But she knows something's going on there—something decidedly negative—and she might be the only one in her class who cares enough to wonder.
Fen She kinda knows Fen? He was unusually into the campaign she ran a couple of years ago and helped her spread it around, so she remembers him for that. She isn't sure why and doesn't know much else about him, though.
Kerai Oh yeah Kerai is that dude who looks like a rugby player but spends all his time attending science club for some reason. She might have had a crush on him at some point, but they didn't even share recess break so what can you do.
  • Her name is a bilingual pun! Hua means "flower" in Chinese and "fruit" in Hawaiian.
  • Ataxia gives her trouble walking so she prefers to use her wheelchair.
  • School was pretty bad with wheelchair accessibility when she joined, so she and her classmates campaigned for it and got everyone to sign petitions and stuff. The school relented and installed some metal ramps.