Name "Atlas" Cylus Oberon
relation statsSingle - Gay
Age 20's
Alignment Neutral-Good
Occupation Pilot, Navigator, Explorer
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Born and raised in the boonies of Uranus' moon Oberon, Atlas always had big dreams to become an adventurer for the Milky Way Federation. He spent his childhood on his parents meteorite farm and ranch, helping raise the animals and gather iron. When he turned 15 he received a scholarship into the Galaxias Kyklos Federation Academy, a government ran school meant to train future interstellar forces. Little did Atlas realize however, how difficult, and dangerous it would be, being a back moon, country boy rubbing shoulders with the wealthy and privileged.


  • Brave                  
  • Curious               
  • Observant          
  • Adventurous      
  • Surefooted        


  • Aliens / Robots
  • Unique Anatomy
  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Free-floats / Spacewalks 
  • Ship design / Mechanics
  • Watching the sky/Open space
  • Exploring Space/Planets/Wrecks


  • Coffee
  • Meatheads
  • Ion Storms
  • Being on duty / Office work
  • Staying planetbound too long
         (Makes him feel sick)
  • The Galaxias Kyklos Federation Academy


Atlas, birth name Cylus Oberon was born and raised on Oberon, Uranus' outer most major moon. He grew up on his parent's dome farm where he had a modest and humble childhood. His days were often spent tending to the farms livestock, and practicing his piloting, exploring, and navigational skills. On Atlas' 15th birthday his parents decided to send him to the Galaxias Kyklos Federation Academy in order to become a Federation surveyor and pilot, finally realizing his passion after years of him escaping chores by flying off into the stars.
At the Academy however, he realized his dreams were not what they seemed. The new lifestyle was jarring for the rural farmboy, it was crowded, loud, and there were plenty of trigger happy meatheads just hungry for a fight. He did his best to focus on his training, the only thing that truly kept him sane, and his determination to become a federation surveyor and flying practice. 


  • Alien Affairs
  • Piloting
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Land Surveying
  • Navigation
  • Cartography


  • Atlas has the weird quirk of tickling the tip of his nose with the bottom of the braid in his hair while he's studying
  • He loves carbonated beverages of all kinds, especially odd ones.

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