Naila Vermillion [FRIENDS OC]



1 year, 5 months ago


An Equalian Cat Lady owned by vernainillion 
( Im uploading this only for others to draw her, since he's to lazy to do it by his own. Im allowed to post her here)

      • ??? years, appears 25-30 i guess
•She's from our RP and basically knows all my RP CHARS (especially Whisky)
•She's blind, but it does'nt affect her design in any way. She has a white dot inside her pupil tho, for other reasons. ( You can only see it been drawn here )
•Her left eye is missing and she's got a scar in there, but its okay if you draw her with a healthy left eye. (left from our side)
•Her tail is lighter than her hair and appears orange
•Draw her in any clothes you want, any style suits her
•Shes light hearted towards friends, but can be a beast.
•Shes a real lady and a queen in her home country.
•She has a son from a different timeline
•She's a good singer
•I guess short hair is preferred