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  • Name Grave / グレイブ
  • Age 331(since death)
  • Gender male
  • Height 150cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Species human / ghost
  • Type ISTP

"I've forgotten how breathing felt like long ago."

Grave is a voicebank to be used in the UTAU software. This page only focuses on him as a character, with no relation to the program or fellow UTAU avatars.

[ art on the right by johanna_agapi ]

[ art on the left by kurukurusuuzi ]

Grave is a 331 year old ghost with the body of a snobby (Italian) teenager. He desperately wants to die, but can't for unknown reasons. He is able to alter his appearance, but cannot change the wounds he got before dying, which makes him extremely self conscious about his face and body. He hates humans and likes biscuits (fortune cookies are a recent (favorite).

He died while going through puberty, and therefore his voice is forever falsetto, and he really loves cute (fellow ghost) girls. Daisies cling to him like magnets.

He believes that the reason why he can't die, is because he still has relatives roaming the earth, spreading his bloodline. As long as his grandchildren are alive, he won't be able to have peace. Grave has managed to kill hundreds of his family members (and strangers), but always becomes clouded with feelings of guilt, that prevent him from finishing it once and for all. He currently has three relatives living on earth; twins Pasu Rozuma and Eric Kendrick, and their (nameless) mother. He regularly haunts the two young men, but can't force himself to hurt them... Again.

If anything, he's been influencing their lives for the better, and managed to manipulate their fates enough to become rich, despite both of them stemming from poverty. He finds himself vaguely helping them, like whispering charismatic responses in their ear, so that they don't mess up a date.

Besides that, Grave is invisible, and is only visible "when one's mind is clouded." Such as visions through dreams, sleep paralysis, drugs, or psychosis. His body is like a hologram, but he can momentarily become physical and visible to all if he tries hard enough, however this process drains his energy and exhausts him. He is able to make objects float, and things might seem like they vanish from our world when he eats them.


Birthday: 12th feb
Origin: Italy
Height: 150cm
Weight: 43kg
Style: ...indescribable
  • fortune cookies
  • (monster) girls
  • eels
  • humans
  • own face
  • animals

Character Stats


Physical Description

Grave is relatively short, youthful looking, resembling a teenage boy at 16-17 years old. His built is not lanky, but thin. A little bit curvy. His skin is nearly paper white, with a purple hue in the shadows and blushed areas. Bloodless. His eyes are sharp, yellow irises with catlike pupils, which gives off a faint glow in the darkness. They are a noticeable distance apart—telecanthus—paired with a high nasal bridge and flat nose tip, he has clear Waardenburg Syndrome. Regardless of the syndrome, his nose is big and hooked.

Another thing hidden underneath his mask is his mouth. From the ears to the corners of the lips, it’s as if his jaw was stitched back onto his face, but is in a permanent bruised color.

Grave’s hair is curly, giving the impression that it’s shorter than it actually is. It’s trimmed in the back, with two slightly longer side-bangs. The right half is a peachy-orange color, while the left half is a bright turquoise. The color is split where his hair parting is, which is off-center.

A daisy is tied into the hair parting. There can sometimes be a second daisy, for example, behind his ear. As for his ears, they’re slightly pointed.

Grave wears an off-white button-up, beneath a pink poncho-esque cape. A white cravat, adorned with a red jeweled chain, is tied around his collar. There are also diamond-shaped red jewels in the lapels of his poncho. A bright red belt holds up his high-waisted jeans, whose color is a gradient from dark to brighter magenta. More red jewels are on his crotch area, almost like buttons, except useless.

The most characteristic part of Grave’s appearance are his yellow, rubber accessories. His mask is a completely original design, with four buttons at the front, which in reality are filters allowing not necessarily airflow, but merely his voice to pass through, amplified.

The mask is actually a bigger thing that also wraps around his neck (and reaching his shoulders), and has a zipper in the back of his neck. His gloves and “rain boots” are more plain by comparison, except that his heels make him about 10 centimeters taller. (So while his height is written as 150cm, he’s actually 160cm with the boots).

Clemance Di Raimondi

WARNING ; descriptions of gore

Long time ago in a different era, Clemance was a nobleman, living only with butlers and maids on the distant corners of a plain Italian village. In contrast to his beautiful mansion, the surrounding area was swamp-like. He loved to spend time in the bog and find animals that lived there... Clemance had a courageous, and sometimes, rarely, even gentlemanly personality. He bragged his whole life about his dreams and all that he's capable of. Clemance aspired to become a sailor-traveller and discover distant lands. He was raised by servants, because both of his parents mysteriously disappeared when he was a child. They were presumed dead, and therefore, due to a contract all of the Raimondi servants took, they were forced to take care of the only child. Due to this, Clemance also had a quiet yearning to restart his bloodline. One day, he wanted to start a family, and hoped that their blood never dies. That even in a thousand years, there's gonna be someone that remembers him.

He met a shy but cheerful peasant girl, Margarita, whose dream was to serve God. She became a nun and lived in the town's only church... Besides her, Clemance loathed commoners, and would disrespect anyone unwilling to treat him like a local prince. Because of his terrible behavior, he often got (reasonably) punished for it. He never revealed to anyone but Margarita, that he's being peer pressured into this behavior by his caretakers. The fact that he's friends with her would be enough for them to shut him up and prevent from going to school. Their relationship remained a secret, even when they officially dated. Like in a cliche love story from the time, they only met in the tall trees, and loved one another when no one was watching.

...This all came to an abrupt end, when one day Clemance snuck out to meet Margarita, to never return back home. Similarly to his parents, he vanished, and his body was never found again.

Clemance got attacked by tall figures, whose appearances he couldn't see. They chanted and swore that this is revenge for the oppression they faced by him and his family. They crushed his abdomen, leaving him to crawl with only his upper body left. Eventually, they threw him into the bog nearby his house, to end his suffering. He drowned very quickly, but in those last minutes of his life, he begged God, that Margarita will remain untouched by these murderers, and his unborn child too.

Clemance was declared dead at the age of 16, but due to never having made close friendships, no one cared about his vanishing enough to start a search party, or even organize a funeral. His butlers decided to split the household's money. And Margarita became the only person in the world mourning her lover, and the father of her soon-to-be child.


Some time after dying, Clemance felt himself waking up again. He could stand next to his own corpse, but wasn't real. He soon realized that he has no body, no vessel, to contain his consciousness. Therefore he built one for himself, using his imagination alone. In the matter of minutes, he began to forget who he was. "Grave", is the only word that came to his mind whilst trying to remember his own name. From now on, he was Grave. With only contextless bits of memory left, he built an ideal body for himself... Apart from the painful scars on his body, left from the wounds that the murderers gave him. He couldn't see himself in any mirror or reflection, therefore he could only hope that he looks like he planned to.

With new-found ghostly abilities, he adapted to the new life fairly well. People, and places, sometimes seemed to make him remember who he was before death. He remembered Margarita, and wanted to visit her immediately.

Instead of love and happiness, of course, Margarita was left mourning for Clem. Her mind was clouded with depression. When she saw Grave, she fell into a state of hysteria and refused to walk outside of the church (that she's been banished from, due to losing her virginity). She begged the Father to exorcise her, because Grave kept trying to interact with her, and caused weird occurances in her surroundings. She never got the exorcism, but she managed to draw a sketch of Grave's face, so that the Father could identify the "demon". For the first time in months, Grave finally saw his face, and understood why Margarita lost her mind upon seeing it. His face was grotesquely disfigured. With an unhinged, split jaw, broken and swollen, and glowing reptilian-like eyes. His hands and feet were also a bruised and painful-looking color.

Margarita eventually committed suicide, because visions of Grave made her life nothing but a nightmare. Her child was recovered.

Grave, for a long time, felt completely devastated, and begged to die again, and for real. He couldn't keep existing, knowing that his face drove people to insanity. Like before, he built a pair of thick gloves and boots for himself, as well as a mask, that would censor the horrors below.

--It's worth mentioning that it's not his appearance alone that drove Margarita to such state; Grave, as a presence, creates a terrible aura wherever he goes, that causes anxiety and depression. Seeing his face, while mourning him, and intensified by this invisible aura, is what created that insanity cocktail.


Grave is a miserable ghost that can freely teleport from place to place, as long as his relatives are somewhere nearby. After 331 years of causing nothing but despair wherever he goes, he forces himself to love it, and embraces being a villain. He has almost mastered his abilities to cause pain and terror. But very commonly, he shows weakness and fear. Despite making himself out to be a threatening serial killer, that can manipulate space, "and seduce women", he's a weakly little 4 foot tall boy, with a questionable sense of fashion, that throws a fit when things don't go his way. He feels pride in the fact that his family is at it's 13th generation, but also feels lonely, incredibly lonely, due to being unable to do anything but disaster.

He yearns to be hip-and-cool, and his mindset has progressed, minimally, since his era. He's still not used to things like toasters and technology, and is deeply disappointed in the "downgrade" that is our modern fashion sense, compared to his majestic time of satin blouses and Toupées. He's basically an angry grandpa. But he supports Pasu, much to his own dismay. And doesn't want him to die... yet, at least!


Pasu Rozuma

[ neutral/grandson ] Grave has been haunting Pasu since birth, but never felt the need to make his presence too-known. Aside from being the reason why Pasu has an anxiety disorder, and manipulating him into buying italian pastries. Grave has also indirectly caused him to meet his boyfriend Byakkoya. Pasu has no idea that Grave exists, however, in a verse where they can see each other clearly, Grave constantly bugs him with crappy attempts at lowering his self esteem. His hauntings never get too extreme, weirdly enough. Usually he has no problems with things like pushing disabled people (such as Pasu), but with Pasu, he actually seems eager to help him quite a bit. With an occassional break to insult him, that is.


Eric Kendrick

[ neutral/grandson ] Grave has been haunting Eric since birth as well, and seems more okay with ruining his life than Pasu's. Eric is a lot more lively, which may make his reactions more "worth it". He's also a big fan of spiritually, which causes him to freak out whenever Grave causes a mild inconvinience. Despite that, Grave still chooses to hang out around Pasu more. Also, Grave enjoys pranking Eric's wife Bridget a lot. Eric can't see Grave either. But if they saw one another, they'd probably have a weird relationship where Eric is ecstatic and fascinated by the fact that Grave is a ghost, meanwhile Grave treats him like an annoying peasant, occassionally showing off his cool and epic ghostly abilities.


Byakoya Tomoe

[ prank-victim ] Grave likes Bepis a lot, in a sense that he likes to prank and ridicule him a lot. Bepis from his nature is very emotional, and religious on top of that. He's always very frightened when Grave makes him trip and fall, or laughs at his pathetic, submissive attempts at flirting.


Margarita Bianchi

[ lover ] Grave genuinely loved and cared about Margarita, and becomes very depressed when thinking about her. Margarita did attempt to make peace with Grave sometimes, but her heart was too fragile to handle the extreme aura that emitted from him. He wishes that he could meet her again in the afterlife and make peace. She was the sun of Clemance's relatively stressful life. Grave will never forgive himself for being responsible for her death.


Kashira Enaga

[ AU???/grandson ] In a joke AU, Grave visits the realm of the Hatoful Boyfriend universe, and makes a child with a bird. Enaga is his someth grandchild, but they've never met before. Grave claims to like Enaga because of their similar appearance. But if Enaga knew about him, he'd loathe him more than anything, because Grave has the ability to influence his life for the better, but despite that, let Enaga suffer all his life due to misfortune.