Elise's Ownership

Please read the Characters FAQ for further information on permissions and original ownership!


Character Permissions

Can be regifted
Can be retraded
Can be resold

Design Terms of Use

Hunibi Global Rules

Character rules

  • You are not  allowed to use my adoptables for commercial use. Meaning you are not  allowed to receive any profit of my art or designs (not for fake or real currencies)
  • I do not allow more than one person to own my design. CO-owning is not allowed.
  • You  are allowed to resell adoptables bought directly from me for the same  price as you bought it for. Please do not sell my designs for more than  what you paid for unless it includes COMMISSIONED art work.
  • You  are not allowed to sell adoptables you got through trades, gifts,  raffles or OTAs (offer to adopts) You are only allowed to trade or gift  them.
  • You are allowed to trade  the adoptable for another character. Please make sure the new owner knows the rules as well.
  • Gifting is allowed, but please make sure the person you gift it to knows the rules as well. 
  • You  are allowed to make changes to the design once you purchased the  adoptable, but please don't edit the original file/design. If you would  like any edits on the original design please ask for permission first or  ask me to make the changes.
  • I  am not responsible when you lose the file of the drawing. I try to keep  all files on my computer, and most of the time still have them, but if  you lost the file for some reason and I do not have the file on my  computer anymore either I will not be responsible. Please make back-ups  of your files or make sure you can find them back on the internet (such  as storage sites)

Edit rules

  • You are allowed to make changes to the design once you purchased the adoptable, but please don't edit the original file/design without my permission.  If you would like any edits on the original design please ask me to do it or ask for permission to make the edits yourself.
  • I will not do edits on finished drawing commissions.  I will send a sketch of the drawing before lining it. When I do send the sketch, if you want me to fix any errors you see in it, please let me know during that stage. Once you approve of the sketch, you cannot ask for any more changes to the commission. You are not allowed to edit the finished commission.
  • If you ask for big edits on the design I might add a fee. This can be discussed.