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An adoptable that Dolly recently adopted from DeviantArt.

Height: Too big
Sex: Female
Weight: Surprisingly, light as a feather
Age: 1-year-old (upon creation)

- According to Prisma's creator, she belongs to a race of mythical creatures that roam the realm of Carobana. While her race comes in many different colors, Prisma's rainbow colors are a rarity among them all.
- Dolly decided to name her Prisma after the Prismacolor markers that she uses, as well as how colorful she is.
- Prisma mostly eat clouds as her diet, though she is perfectly okay with dry dog food too.
- Looks like a pet and acts like a pet.
- Likes to fly in the sky and wander to places, but by the end of the day she returns back to Dolly.

Also, whether it's because of magic or whatever it is, Prisma has features and abilities that no normal animal has or cannot do:

- Despite her enormous size, Prisma has the weight of a basketball. So just about everyone can pick her up no problem, including Dolly.
- She can fit through very tight spots, like an octopus, as long as the opening is big enough for her head to get in.