Preston Winters



3 years, 6 months ago


Preston Winters is the chairman of Vantage Corp's board of directors, and El Asilo's mayor. Unbeknownst to most people, Preston has superpowers that enable him to keep a "glamour" over himself, which causes each individual person looking at him to see someone who they would define as a trustworthy and/or unassuming individual. Because of this, El Asilo at large thinks of Preston as a mayor who cares about the peoples' best interest. The real Preston Winters, however, is a bitter, cynical alcoholic with a morbid sense of humor, who often uses the highly suggestible state his powers put people in to encourage them to do nasty things. He's also sickly and frail under his glamour, for reasons he either lies about or outright refuses to discuss.

Preston is usually handed down orders from a shadowy figure known as the True Mayor, who only communes directly with the Vantage board of directors. Most if not all of Preston's large decisions for both Vantage and El Asilo are dictated by the True Mayor.