E.B's Comments

OMG HE LOOK SO COOLLLLL, i know him for two moth but dont have toyhoude account UnU he so cool dưgwgfusgbfhsbfuawygrd

OOH THANK YOU!! he's actually one of my fav ocs, i'm glad you like him òwó



Idk I've been waiting to ask this question but can I have the code for this character :0? I will add extra credit for you hjsfhksdh

if no it's alright! I just really like the way you mix 4 codes together :>

HIhi!! asjkld glad you like it!
but actually I don't think I'm allowed to redistribute edited version of these codes though ;o; sorry!

ah alright then ;w;


wSASDF thank you!!
and not really, I actually knew the term as a general spacetime/traveling term xD




Daaamnnn I've just saw what you did with his profile, it looks so cool! The 3d models look amazing!! 


did u model his air bike yourself?? it looks amazing!! and his profile is just 👌

edit: I just realized there’s more models ong how are u so good I’m hfjfjhdhfhdhd

Yeah :D!
asjdkl thank youu!!!


Thank you !! ;v;

Oh my cats, I adore E.B so much XD. I'm happy he has some of his backstory written now. Good writing btw, I just stayed there reading it until the end and I like all the elements you put on the story. As a writer I always struggle with some stuff you covered very well, like the motivation of the characters. Eh, I'll stop babbling now, great job!! 

Wow thank you! : O
I wouldn't call myself a writer, as I have no idea about writing actually,, XD Since it's something I don't really enjoy much, I don't take it very serious
But I'm glad to hear that! makes me happy to know people enjoy reading and are interested in my stories haha x3


I don't consider myself good at writing at all aahhh xD but I'm glad you enjoyed reading it though !! :D

Yess aerospace!! I love reading about it, but I can ensure you that I only remember like a 2% of everything I read pff

That was a good guess, but E.B's friend isn't Naomi :o
I have very few female ocs, so it's probably not that hard to find XD
I don't want to tell much since I have some amvs planned with some secret parts of the story !! >:) I'm sure it'll reveal a few mysteries 

(Also rip)