Ilya Zharkovich



2 years, 6 months ago


Ilya Zharkovich
AGE ~35

HEIGHT 5'11"





ALIGNMENT Neutral Evil

  • highly aggressive, won't ever run from a fight, challenge at your own peril
  • no mercy 🔫
  • don't tell him what to do >:(
  • believes the world is a shitty place where people can only rely on themselves
  • will do whatever it takes to get what he thinks is rightfully his
  • once a punk, now a part of the Capitalist System
  • can't do basic algebra but sure can run an illegal operation without getting caught
  • j e a l o u s, always worried that someone will take away what's his
  • rarely trusts people, but will be very loyal to those that have earned his trust


Design Commonalities:

  • shoulder-length, wavy black hair shaved on the right side; occasionally dyed cyan blue (natural hair color is brown)
  • a variety of piercings on his face
  • a lot of tattoos all over his body
  • heavy punk imagery
  • cybernetic legs that go up to his mid-thighs
  • preferred weapons: sabre or g u n

Story Themes:

  • capitalism babey
  • g r e e d
  • doing illegal shit 99% of the time
  • gang leader...?
  • street kid life path
  • skilled mechanic / tinkerer / model enthusiast
  • probably the bad guy / one of the bad guys
Kay Amaro son
  • secret son
  • doesn't know how to interact with the kid 90% of the time
  • feels kind of bad for not knowing he existed
  • genuinely cares about him
Lucrece du Soleil kid/mentee
  • not his Real Kid, but still his kid
  • is probably a bad influence on them
  • "i've only had lucrece for 10 minutes but if anything happens to them i'll kill everyone in this room and then myself"
Valentin Severinov ??? depends
  • r e s p e c t
  • is either really fond of Val or doesn't care for him, it depends
Sydney Devereaux associate?
  • gets along surprisingly well with them
  • either some sort of (shady) business associates or friends with benefits
  • tends to get manipulated by Syd
Synclair Devereaux acquaintance
  • tolerates Synclair and that's about it
  • thinks he's a snob
Frederick Weiss ex
  • is noticeably ! TOXIC ! to Frederick
  • constantly at each other's throats (though Ilya usually has the advantage)
  • maybe in one au they'll have fixed their problems and won't hate each other lmao
Misha Ryzhnikov friend
  • childhood friend
  • usually ends up abandoning him oops
  • has a big soft spot for Misha
Cecil LaRousse acquaintance?
  • highly wary of Cecil
  • is quite aware that they can likely destroy him with words but also with their fists
  • tries to not hang around them
Lysandros Diospyros enemy
  • shows active disdain towards Lysandros
  • thinks he's too idealistic
  • Ilya just hates goody-two-shoes in general