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Dantalion is an exalted demon, a Duke of Hell under Prince Sitri and King Asmodeus, a Major in the Demonic Army, and the seventy-first demon of the Ars Goetia. He is known as the Keeper of the Forbidden Library, as he can bestow the secret knowledge of art and science. His other abilities include exposing secrets, mind control, causing attraction and infatuation, creating illusions of the face of any living thing for himself or his conjurer, and showing what is happening at the current moment at any place on Earth. His brand is located in the center of his abdomen, just beneath his sternum, and concealed with magic at all times. The angel that oversees him is Haiaiel.

Once known for his humility, his education of emotional awareness, and his eagerness to help humans relate and communicate with each other, Dantalion’s centuries in servitude to selfish, lustful, and deceitful men have tainted his view of the mortal world. He has become proud, sarcastic, sardonic, derisive, pessimistic, and difficult to impress. He considers humans and lesser demons to be beneath him and not worthy of his time, and only begrudgingly obeys the humans that have summoned him to avoid having his seal activated or attracting Haiaiel’s attention. Still, that pride extends to his work, and he will not attempt to short his conjurers, take advantage of loopholes or fine print, or terminate a contract if he believes it is not fulfilled to the best of his abilities.