Pronounced | arr-uh-NEY-uh BIH-shup-ee Age | She's been around for quite some time...
Gender | Cis Female Pronouns | she/her
Birthday | June 3rd Zodiac | Gemini
Species | Latrodectus bishopi, but like a lady. Orientation | Panromantic/Pansexual

"Evening, love! Come to hit some keys? Maybe get a little one-on-one with the prof?"

A professor at Hell College who specializes in music, particularly in combining it with magic. She's extremely extroverted and one of the school's most prominent socialites, spending any non-music-related time on partying, mingling with students, and engaging in all of the debauchery Hell College has to offer. She loves to drag anyone who interacts with her into the fun and is very encouraging of others, often roping anyone who expresses even vague interest in music into her tutelage.

Rumor has it that she used to be dating a professor at Heaven College, but said professor suddenly cut off contact with her one day. Aranaea doesn't like to talk about it and is hesitant to discuss anything more romantic than a casual fling.


Aranaea is your cool vodka spider aunt: she loves gatherings and parties and will ignore all of her responsibilities for the sake of having a good time. She's a true demon, enjoying sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Dastardly!

Needless to say, Aranaea is very extroverted and social, spending much of her time chatting with others and going out with them. She's tends to be the life of the party, able to loosen up the tightest stiffs and get things going with ease. Her interpersonal skills are very strong, so she's always able to get a good read on others and understand their boundaries within a few moments - though she likes to push things just as much as she can to worm people out of their comfort zones.

Aranaea is a lively person who likes to perform, spending any time not spent teaching or socializing on playing piano and singing along merrily. She loves her job, but more importantly she loves the atmosphere and how she can just hang out with her students and her co-workers. She likes to get to know people and is very good at remembering the littlest facts about others. Invite her to holiday parties; she'll totally get you that one thing you forgot you wanted.

She tends to take things in stride and is a good mediator. She has good control over her emotions and tends to not get very saddened or angered over things. She might on the inside, but she's good at recovering and putting on a happy face for those around her.

Finally, a word of warning: Aranaea is a huge flirt who loves to seduce the innocent. She adores flings and one-night stands and has quite the reputation among students and faculty alike. She doesn't seem to be interested in steady relationships at the moment, though. Crushes and platonic things are fine, but the thought of actually dating someone or even settling down... it isn't that she doesn't want those things, it's just that she hasn't recovered from her "previous" relationship and isn't sure if she wants to.


Edibles Fruit, fruity drinks, souls, the particularly innocent, anyone with a couple drinks in them...
Weather Clear but warm summer nights. Perfect for a little fun!
Activities Playing and listening to music, partying, tempting the innocent, dancing, sex, drinking, taking needlessly lengthy showers, sleeping at odd hours.
Colors Red, black, and deep browns.
Misc. Fountains, big couches, silly filters for selfies, emojis, beaches, banquets, her job, gentle lights, hot tubs, lace.


Edibles Beer, heavily processed meats, artificial flavoring, bitter foods.
Weather Freezing cold with wind on top of it. She's sensitive to the cold, not to mention hesitant to bundle up.
Activities Grading, accidentally overstepping boundaries, being treated as though she's not there, being alone for too long, forgetting things at parties, needing to remember complicated passwords, getting things (unintentionally...) caught in her hair.
Music "Now, what sort of coward judges a genre as a whole? Open your minds a bit!"
Misc. Prudes, Heaven College, awkward silences, the sound of balloons rubbing against each other, insect repellent, nights that end all too quickly.



Physical Characteristics

With her multiple eyes, multiple arms, and noticeable fangs, it's clear right from the start that Aranaea is of a rather spidery persuasion both inside and out. Her red skin, pointy ears, and height of 6'4" serve to point some extra arrows toward the danger sign that is her existence.

It's easy to get distracted though, considering her gorgeously long hair, curvy figure, plump lips, long fingers, and... um, healthy abdomen. Of course, this is exactly what she wants.


Aranaea doesn't leave the house without dressing up, preferring the elegant and revealing attire of a lounge singer. She loves cumbersomely long dresses, and the more they show, the better! Have to have room for her arms to muck about. Yes, that's the reason.

Aranaea is also fond of jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings. She loves wearing her hair up not only to keep it out of her face while playing and for aesthetic reasons, but to help show off all of her accessories. No point in all the glitz and glamour if no one's going to see it!

Body Language

You simply don't have so many arms and do nothing with them! Aranaea is extraordinarily expressive with her body, and it helps that she has so many extra parts to express with! A few lidded gazes means so much more than only one, after all, and with so many arms it's easy to speak with them while telling a story. She's very much the sort who talks with her hands, and with six of them it only makes her words more vivid.

She seems to have an intimate knowledge of how to express herself physically, deeply understanding the value of a subtle head tilt in any direction and the influence a shift in her hips can have. Because of this she has more control than most people when it comes to holding her expressions back when lying or upset, though she hasn't mastered it, especially with the latter. She can't fight back a downcast gaze or the way her hands tangle, steeple, and flatten all at once. Not with all subjects.


Somewhere between cherries and wine. Cherry wine. Is that a thing? My research is telling me that's a thing.


Fairly high and very musical. Even when she's in a poor mood there's something lovely and bright about her voice. Of note is that where she comes from, everyone has an accent that's somewhere between British and Australian, though not quite either of those. Hers is pretty heavy, though, and involves her using a lot of strange words and phrases which don't always have obvious meanings.


Aranaea was born into a rather prudish household, at least in comparison to the rest of Arachnis. Her parents shunned the rest of the Arachnids for their debauchery; it was a planet of carefree spirits who ventured, loved, and killed with a breeziness Aranaea found enchanting. While her younger sister followed orders and became an admirable member of society, Aranaea spent much of her childhood and adolescence being punished and scolded for angering her family in every way possible. It didn't take long for Aranaea to get kicked out of the house, at which point she gladly cut ties with her family and adjusted to a life in the "wild" with ease.

Though a life working odd jobs and drifting from place to place for shelter wasn't an easy one, it was the life Aranaea wanted. She traveled with other bands of wandering souls, and increasingly often they were literal bands. She discovered a passion for music, and during a typical street performance she was spotted by a talent scout and thrust into the limelight. She became a star pianist, quickly becoming famous for not only her musical talents but for her sultry demeanor that was blatant even for her planet.

After a few years Aranaea received an invitation to an institution called Hell College. She had never had much luck in ordinary schools thanks to a life spent spiting her parents, but Hell College immediately piqued her interest. She accepted the invitation and threw herself full-force into her education and, more importantly, the school's buzzing social scene. After becoming a huge part of the school's community, she passed her finals and was offered a job as a professor. She eagerly accepted, becoming a professor of musical studies.

Shortly after becoming a professor, Aranaea began dating a professor at Heaven College named Mycena Chlorophos. The two were famous sweethearts for quite some time before Mycena abruptly stopped communicating with Aranaea, which worried Aranaea to no end. Aranaea is very polyamorous and no stranger to losing partners, but Mycena was particularly special to her and the way their relationship ended was concerning. She knew Heaven College was becoming increasingly intoletant of Hell College and frowned upon their relationship, leading her to believe that Heaven College must have punished Mycena for her transgressions.

Through the combined efforts of dedicated students and typical espionage missions on Heaven College, Aranaea eventually found out that Mycena was fine. For the sake of Mycena's safety, however, Aranaea stopped trying to pursue her and reluctantly considers their relationship to be over. After many years of respecting Heaven College despite the school's attitude toward its rival, this event led Aranaea to become one of the many members of Hell College's faculty who actively plot against Heaven College, seeking to either bring it under Hell College's control or slay the Overkings and their supporters.

RP History

Aranaea's taken a little trip to a strange place called Time's End Pub, always eager to enjoy chaotic multiversal drinking establishment. Much to her delight there's karaoke there, where she's currently dealing with a grumpy instrument vending machine and the mischeivous cat who's bothering it.



"Care to see what I'm capable of? Then let's set a date, shall we?"

Aranaea has the power to still play music completely coherently while absolutely wasted. She doesn't even really seem to get hangovers, like she might be a little bit disoriented the next morning but that's about it! Truly powerful!

That aside, Aranaea has a number of abilities inherent to her species. She has the ability to create webs from almost anywhere on her body, but primarily from her fingers since that's the handiest spot to make them from. No pun intended. She can use these to stick things together for a quick fix, weave fabrics, create structures to hold things, and trap hapless travelers to drain their life energy at her leisure. So... be careful where you walk! There's a reason why Hell College is low on janitors.

In addition to her webs, Aranaea also has enhanced reflexes, enhanced jumping skills, three pairs of arms, and 9 eyes that allow her to see much better than a human being. She can inject venom with her fangs, with a variety of different venoms at her disposal. She's got every status effect under the sun: poisoning, paralysis, sleep... only appropriate for an employee of Hell College!

Aranaea is classified as a lust demon because she gains soul energy via close contact with other beings. Classic eating works just as well, though...


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Element Sound/Beast
Species Insect
Positioning Skill Drag: Drags unit within 3 spaces in a cardinal direction next to the user if the path is clear.
Passive Ability Karaoke Night: Gains +5% to all stats for each adjacent Sound ally.
Personal Weakness Deals 10% less damage to Plant units.
Friendship Bonus +5% TEC






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Mycena Chlorophos

[ girlfriend, even still ]

"Ah, my sweet little Mycie... I can't bring myself to forget her. I only miss her more and more with each passing day. Oh, darling, I hope they're being kind to you up there... I hope we can meet again soon. I'll wait for you, I promise."


Crucifera Bishopi

[ nephew ]

"My precious nephew! He's such a darling thing. I can tell he took after his aunt! I'm ever so glad to see my horrid parents didn't rub their dull little hands on him. And even gladder he's made it to the ol' academy! Yes, a strapping young lad like him will do just fine here! Oh! I'd better stop embarassing him, hm?"


Haplopelma Bishopi

[ younger sister ]

"Oh, Pelma... of course I'm proud of her for making something of herself, but there was never any doubt about that! She's such a repressed thing, though. Never learned to think for herself or step outside the line. Seeing that she's at Heaven College now, all I can do is worry for her. Just wish she'd worry for herself."


Date Created April 22nd, 2016
Soul Color Red
Sin Class Lust
Major Musical Applications
OC Blog Tag

Present In

  • Hell College

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  • Aranaea never writes down any of her music; all of it comes spur of the moment, and if no one recorded it then it was likely a once-in-a-lifetime performance.
  • She will pet you in real life. Pet pet pet pet.
  • Aranaea was part of a batch of several spider lady designs, and I had actually started bidding on a different one first! The bidding got a bit too high for my liking, however, but all the designs were so good that I couldn't leave without one. I put a bid on Aranaea, and now she's one of my favorite OCs!


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OOC Name Aranaealt
Status Alive
Primary Changes Heaven College doesn't suck any more!

In Interety, whatever happened to put Heaven College on a slow decline toward bigotry in the mainline Entirety never occurred here. This meant that Mycena was free to come and go between Heaven and Hell College, causing her and Aranaea's relationship to thrive. Aranaea is in general more cheerful, not having the sorrow of Mycena's loss weighing her down nor Heaven College's cruelty on her mind.

Also she wears her hair down to make her design a little different, 'cause why not?


Owner Isoprene
Creator kurenpika
Designer kurenpika
Species Credit N/A
Profile Coding lowkeywicked
Background JonnyBoyZabs

"Come back any time, love! I'll always be ready for a little fun!"