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Ayato Mifune (彩仁 美船)
Yoshi, Flashbang
a lad
Japanese Human
Occupation 2
Nerd trash
5'9" -ish
strong, average
song link
chaotic good
  • American comics/cartoons
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Challenges (mainstream meme kind)
  • Long car rides
  • Desk work
  • Cakes and pies
  • Angry people


Villainy Potential

Hero Suit [ Defense ]

Padded/flexi armoured suit to reduce damage from incoming force and protect his joints. It features multiple streamlined pockets containing easily accessed metal ingots so that he always has an extra array of arsenal on his person.

Force Bunts [ Mobilty ]

Adopted from his sister's Drive Kicks - they share the same concept of utilizing the force from explosive blasts to propel themselves forward. Satomi encouraged Ayato to work with the support class to devise an item that allows him to increase his mobility, citing it as one of the most important aspects of being a hero. The soles of Ayato's boots are made to withstand large impacts and spring him upwards and forwards with a mechanism reacts to the detonation caused by his quirk.

Munition Bracers [ Ammunition ]

Ayato's braces are built with a rotating ejection chamber. It allows him to cycle between empty and charged ingots; eject them into his palm; and fire them large distances for ranged detonation.

Metal Ingot [ Ammunition ]

Ayato carries a large number of metal ingots to use as his own makeshift bombs. Everyday objects are typically unable to withstand the force of the hits generated by other quirk users.

Quirk: Parry Blast

He can contain incoming kinetic energy in objects that can withstand the blow as "potential energy" and release it back outwards. He uses this to create makeshift bombs of varying strengths and negate large disabling attacks. He can contain the force in his body but he takes the brunt of the damage simultaneously, similar to a cross-counter (so he usually doesn't). The energy can be expelled from any surface on the body of the object containing the attack, giving him control over how much force is ejected from where, and the ability to tunnel a spread out and generally weak attack into a stronger pinpoint one.

Compound Boom

Ayato can compress multiple attacks into a single undetonated object to gradually build up a larger explosion. This ability allows him to slowly stretch the constition of the object he's using; where one large blast my destroy it, he's learned that slowly growing the potential force creates some sneaky explosions. Whether or not the objext is destroyed when he releases his quirk is dependant on the object and how the force was expelled.

Serial Bomb

Ayato can control the amount of force released from an undetonated object, allowing him to use one object multiple times if needed. He can choose between one large blast or multiple smaller ones.


The strength of object Ayato loads with his quirk must correspond the incoming force: ex. A glass cup would shatter from an unenhanced punch. Detonating loaded objects requires a conscious effort. Ayato's limited memory and concentration makes it difficult for him to charge up too many different objects. There have been times where he has forgotten what he's loaded and the force has either leaked out or detonated without him meaning to. Despite being able to absorb and reflect hits with his body in a similar manner to his sister's quirk, Ayato avoids it due to him taking bodily harm. Unlike Satomi, he lacks the invincible skin aspect of absorbing damage.


Ayato feeds off the energy of others and is energized by being a class clown.[optimistic and non confrontational]

But actually...

[a good and helpful son at home]. He is, to the surprise of everyone, a smart cookie. Smart enough to have skipped a grade. Who knew?


Ayato, his sister and their mother live together as a happy family of three. They are a tight knit group with eccentric but welcoming personalities that mesh well together. Their mother divorced their father many years ago and the kids are both pretty much over it. Their dad doesnt show up much, if ever.



Satomi Mifune [ sister ]

Ayato's older sister and fellow UA High School student. She's in her third year and finds his unabashed enthusiasm embarrassing in public. They're competitive and find joy in antagonizing each other. He finds it entertaining to constantly point out their relation at school, with the best effect after he's done something eye-catching and potentially embarrassing. "Are you mad cause Oppa didn't notice you?"


Mei [ classmate/friend ]

Ayato's close friend at UA High School. They share a love of stupid jokes, foreign comics, and 'rule of cool'. Their camaraderie is rivaled only by how easily they can get on each other's nerves. He enjoys pestering her about the limits of her abilities and agitating her with threats of dirt/fur and other difficult to clean out objects. She calls him Trash and he considers it a compliment.


Felix Motome [ upper classman/friend ]

Felix is Ayato's upper classman at UA. Surprisingly, they get along swimmingly thanks to Felix's boundless charisma and Ayato's ignorant optimism. Ayato appreciates Felix's patience and willingness to partake in his hobbies in his own way. Much to Sayato's chagrin, Felix's presence has the unexpected side effect on Ayato in that it seems to bolster the latter's brazen behaviour.

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