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Chester Hubert

Creative, Caring, Courageous, Emotional, Impulsive, Self-doubting

Chester Hubert
Ches, Chesnut
chef, the mom


Chester is the kind of guy who will volunteer himself to help someone in any way possible, he loves being handy and making people smile, whether this is through doing someone a favor or cracking an awful joke, either way is fine by Chester. Ches tends to get his feelings hurt easily, he'll put on a brave face to not worry anyone, but it's always kind of obvious because he wears his heart on his sleeve (plus he can't lie to save his life). Ches doesn't like being alone for long periods of time, and generally is pretty insecure about whether people truly like him or not. Unless someone says to his face "hey, I actually think your cool", he'll most likely think the worst. Chester is a good listener and tries to hear things from every side before making his own judgement. While Chester usually tries to take the highroad, even when someone else is a jerk to him, he's not past using his abilities to harm someone if they're a jerk to Syl or anyone else in the gang. Even when he tries not to be, Chester is easily swayed by other people's opinions/arguments.


~ he never drinks any alcohol, he doesn't like the smell of alcohol and he gets uncomfortable when he's around a lot of drunk people.

~ He doesn't get a lot of sleep. Sometimes his chronic pain keeps him up, and instead of laying in bed miserable all night he tries to do something productive like read, or he just watches shows and doesn't move if it's real bad.

~ Has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past.

~ He actually has a really good singing voice, but he's really shy about it.

~He's really good with kids. He does like kids, but they also make him nervous.

~ He rambles a lot

~ He likes cooking and baking and is p good at it. He does it for fun but also as a stress reliever. Ches cooks for the whole gang too because no one else knows how to cook anything without burning it lmao

~ Is everyone's dad. He W I L L be your shoulder to cry on, sorry you don't have a choice.

~ he likes... tiny things... especially tiny plants

~ To an extent, Chester is afraid of his ability. Because he knows if he ever lost control, or if something set him off, he could end up hurting a lot of people.

~ Curses like a sailor, both human and alien curses.

~ Is the guy that makes puns and jokes when a situation goes really bad because he doesn't know how to cope.

~ Uses his ability to do most things. (getting himself a glass of water, pulling out a chair to sit on, making a bed, etc) so he can put less stress on his body.

~ Chester is pretty much the embodiment of nervous laughter and anxiety.


  • nature
  • listening to/playing music
  • ALL animals
  • cooking
  • poetry
  • documentaries

  • talking infront of people
  • crowded areas
  • card games
  • tomatoes
  • being alone
  • rainy weather

Chester was born two days before christmas, the youngest out of five siblings. His mother died in childbirth with him and he was often blamed for it by his father and siblings. Chester and his family lived out in the country and had a small farm to support themselves. Later, two of his siblings died of scarlet fever, and another to different illness when he ventured into a city. This left Chester and his eldest sibling Edgar. Chester had bad asthma as a kid, this ultimatly left most of the hard farm work to Edgar, this, combined with a nine year age difference between the brothers resulted in a strained relationship. Chester tried to help around by using his abillity, after all he was the only T3 in his family, but most of the time he just ended up hurting himself (or others) and being even more of an inconvience.

When Chester was eight, aliens started to venture into earth. Chester and his family were pushed out of their home and they lived in the protection of a small purely human community for a while. His father like many, dispised the aliens and any human who associated with them, however Edgar saw an opportunity in the alien's arrival and soon got a highstanding job among them. Later Chester, curious and fed up with his fathers suffocating and controling presance, decided to follow in his brothers footsteps and left to alien society at age 14. However, he had a hard time holding a job for to long and mostly just ended up working as a bartender, waiter, or a laborer in an alien factory or plantation. Luckily his asthma wasn't as bad as when he was younger, but that combined with his awkwardnesss and his tendency to mess things up usually ended up being his downfall. Edgar climbed the social ladder and ended up being a CEO of some alien company when he was 27. Chester however was still just struggling to get by with two meals a day. Chester was suicidal at times but he never actually went through with it.

Eventually he managed to stay steady at one job for a year or two when he was around 25. He'd gotten promoted a couple times and even had a kind of work buddy. He was one of the only humans in town but that was alright with him. But then he met this human kid named Sylvester walker and boy howdy did it get weird from there. I really don't feel like retyping the rest of this in Ches's perspective so go on over to Sylvester's bio if you wnna see ;^)

Ability Info

All physical restraints of his ability dissapeared after Chester messed up his body after overexterting his abillity (and almost dying) while protecting Sylvester (go to Sylvester's bio for more context). He no longer has pain, or gets a nosebleed, or a headache after using his ability, his only problem with it now is controling it. (which he's never been the best at, but now that he has no pain while using his ability... he can easily go all out and accidentally be really destructive if he's not focusing). And although he can now use his ability without pain, the tradeoff is he now has permanent chronic pain. Medication doesn't work on it, because it's somehow tied to his ability. Some days it's mild, but other days (or for several days) he's pretty much bedridden and miserable.

Relationships: are more detailed in links

Sylvester | Close Friend/Brother (not related)

Chester is somewhere between a brother and a parental figure to Sylvester. They both lean on eachother during hard times, and Chester knows he could trust Sylvester with anything. Chester cares for Sylvester deeply and would do anything for him to make sure he's happy.

Vincent | Close Friend

Chester thinks Vincent's lax, go-with-the-flow attitude is a good influence on all of them(especially Syl) and enjoys spending time with Vincent. He, syl, and vince have been on a lot of jobs together, so they've gotten close.He also thinks Vincent's very talented in art and hopes he'll do something with it in the future.

Ka'ris | Boss

Ka'ris to Chester seems like someone who is untouchable. Someone who is charistmatic, conniving, and noble all at the same time. Chester definitely thinks Ka'ris is a crook, but a respectable one. And for that reason, Chester trusts Ka'ris, perhaps a little more than he should.

Jinghua | Friend/Family (not related)

Chester sees Jinghua as kind of his... rambunctious younger cousin. He enjoys her fiery and quirky attitude, and thinks she's a fun kid to hang around. He thinks Ji will definitely go places in life. That being said, he's definitely glad he's not the one in charge of her, and doesn't envy Su in the slightest.

Su | Friend

Chester thought Su was kind of scary at first, with her cold and confident attitude, but soon figured out that she was just another stressed teen. Chester thinks Su is really cool, and admires her skill/dedication with her ability and her organized disposition. He and Su work together to keep everyone from killing themselves.


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