*Chester Hubert*'s Comments

Aww Chester seems like a totally sweet guy! He's the dad friend, the chef, and the selfless, kind guy. I just really love characters like that haha. I also imagine he has a shelf just full of little tiny minature things, you know, just because :^)
His backstory seems so interesting. I really feel for him, with how he lost his mother and his siblings and his father was just so controlling... I wonder what his relationship with Edgar is like nowadays, since they were kinda strained. I wonder, are they still estranged?
And of course, his abilities ;; I love how Sylvester tries to help Chester with his pain as a sort of thank you. I hope he finds a cure because damn it sounds tough :^(
but overall Chester is a really cool character! I like him a lot!! ♥

ahhh thank you so much, I'm glad you like him : D !!

That's pretty much exactly the vibes I was trying to get with Chester, so i'm happy it all got across c: (and oh he totally has a shelf. Or atleast a small (heh) collection, Ches moved around a lot before he met syl)

As for he and Edgar, they're still pretty estranged. However they do send eachother letters occasionally to check in (making sure they haven't died yet lmao). Since they're eachothers only remaining blood family (discounting their dad, b/c he sucks) they at least try to stay in touch. They're certainly not best buds, or even friends really, but they're a lot better than they used to be. 

(Ches and syl eventually find some sort of solution to his problem, idk if it'll be a total fix, but ches learns to cope over time as well too ; u ; )