Aaa, i love characters with more than one form! <3

"Sylvester has been through a lot in his life, and doesn't really have a  lot of moral ethics. Do I have to steal from this guy to do this thing?  Do I have to blackmail this guy to do this thing? Do I have to poison  this guy to do this thing? That's all cool and completely normal (:"

Also this sentence ultimately killed me

I love how he has this kind of sarcastic or cynical undertone, but can also come off as serious and cold

thank you for the compliments : D !!

I'm glad that line could made you laugh, it's definitely one of my favorites in his bio ha ha. 

God, where do I start? I'm amazed no one has commented, he is one of the most memorable OCs I've seen on here, and I find myself hanging onto almost every detail. He has almost every single one of my favourite traits for a character of his type: he's an introverted bookworm, polite and overly pleasant from years of habituation, and has an eidactic memory that he puts to use in criminal capers, though he must keep that information assiduously organised (I love it when abilities are attenuated by the inherent challenges in managing them...and when the individual finds ways to exploit them anyway).

I imagine syl's overthinking interacts with his abilities in interesting ways; I kind of wonder how it is to have literally all the information you've ever read to deliberate over in moments of indecision. The agony of too many choices and contingencies

Oh, also, a small point but I really enjoy the dynamic between him and Chester. Even in the couple of illustrations you've done of them both, their relationship really comes through; I absolutely love how the two seem willing to do anything for each other, and how that devotion was clearly earned.

ahhh sorry for my late reply on this, but this comment made me so overjoyed (like grinning from ear to ear stupid overjoyed. it made my whole week when I saw it tbh)... so I had to like ,,, collect myself before I was able to give it a proper response ; u ;

I'm really glad you think all of those things about him!! that's pretty much exactly the vibes I wanted people to get from him c: (same same!! With my ocs who have more powerful abilities, I usually give them pretty heavy blowbacks to go with them lol. I always think it's interesting to see how characters adapt themselves to their own abilities, whether they were born with them or obtained them later, it's one of my favorite tropes tbh)

and oh man, that definitely happens with syl, ha ha. He's already an over-analyzing mess to begin with. and his ability certainly doesn't help it any. And b/c of his ability, he remembers all the times he made bad decisions vividly, so you know he's constantly beating himself up over it lmao.

ahh thank you, I'm glad I got that across with ches and syl, that's exactly how their relationship is c'': !! Found family trope is also another one of my favorites, and ches and syl are definitely my biggest examples of that lol. I always tell myself I'll draw more art of them interacting, and then i... don't. Woops lol.

Anyways, thank you once again for this well thought out comment!!! I'll pretty much treasure it forever, and sorry if I rambled a bit ha ha c: