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Name: Misu

Species: Noodle Dragon (Eastern)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Unknown/TBD

Physical traits:

* Can be Anthro or Feral.

* Digigrade

* Hands are humanoid in shape (four fingers and thumb)

* Hindpaws/Feet look like a cross between a canine and a dragon.

* Canine like head. Much like Haku but a shorter muzzle and more anthro face (Eyes more forward))

* Whiskers only matching the length of the muzzle.

* One set of horns, typical of Eastern Dragons. Only two points.

* Slightly elongated neck. Average torso. Most of the length is in her tail.

* No wings

* Ambiguous in form. Not really feminine or masculine in any way. Appears generless in form. (Mostly Humanoid torso in anthro form but no breasts or distinctly feminine hips/buttocks)

* Scaled forearms, underbelly, and "accents" (scales across bridge of muzzle up to between eyes, tops of fingers, hands, and forearms, tops of toes and feet, and front of shins.)

* Fur everywhere else not mentioned above.

* Classic Eastern dragon mane starts just above the eyes, and extends down the back of the neck, spine, and 1/3 the way down the tail.

* A single old Japanese style coin is tied into a single, small braid of mane behind the left ear.

* Plume of fur at the end of the tail.


* Base color is a blue violet/medium purple 

Example: https://www.htmlcsscolor.com/hex/8A2BE2

* Mane and tail plume is a mixture of pastel teals, cyans, and limes

Example: https://depositphotos.com/111433436/stock-illustration-abstract-gradient-blur-background.html

* Nose and any other exposed skin is pale pink.

Example: https://www.goldleaf.com.au/winsor-newton-brushmarkers-pale-pink.html

* Horns are pale tanish in color much like the antlers of a deer (post velvet)

Example: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/163186-REG/Rosco_102300072124_E_Colour_007_Pale_Yellow.html

* Underbelly scales are an Icy blue

Example: https://www.colorcombos.com/colors/A5F2F3

* Accent scales are rainbow colored as if made of anodized titanium or holographic rainbow foil.

Examples: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/holographic-rainbow-foil-abstract-background-797455045

* Tiger like stripes that run along the back of the neck, spine, and down the tail also shimmer like a rainbow of anodized titanium or holographic foil. (Stripes run under the mane but do not show through the mane)

Examples: (same as above) https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/holographic-rainbow-foil-abstract-background-797455045

* Eyes are a deep teal with flecks of green and  gold like Flashfire Opal with humanoid pupils.

Example: http://www.flashfire-opals.de/epages/61849278.mobile/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61849278/Products/873&Locale=en_AU


Being born of both storm and luck dragons, Misu seems to enjoy water in the form of rain and gentle storms while seeming to provide luck to any who might cross her path.

Friendly but quiet she is an amibivert. Not quick to trust but ever faithful once trust has been earned.

She tries to see the positives in everything, acts like a goofball to cheer up her friends, and tends to hide any negative feelings she might experience in fear of souring the mood for others.

(More as I better flesh this character out)